Thursday, March 20, 2008

98 Ringgit Fried Rice and Duck Galore!

There is yet another Hong Kong style cuisine in town! The new place is called “Duck King” and from what I understand, it’s an extremely popular Indonesian eatery chain. Apparently, people queue up to get into the restaurant in Jakarta. I guess Mrs Top Monkey can eventually verify on this fact, heheh.

Where is Duck King?

Jaya One, the new block of lifestyle cum business centre along Jalan University. It faces the Section 17 flats, is between Diethelm and UniTAR. The restaurant is in the centrecourt area where all the restaurants are at. It occupies two-floors and are flanked by Starbucks and Secret Recipe

What they serve:

There are 2 menus, one of the fine dining variety and one of the casual hawker fare variety,

I had a chance to try both, the fine dining variety was a supplier’s lunch over CNY, truly authentic, posh and delightful’ you get the usual shark’s fin, fish maw, sea cucumber, suckling pig and a host of other non-nutritional but grossly expensive Chinese delicacies in artistic presentation and sculptured garnishing. But lovely nevertheless.

The second menu is ala “Chopstick Noodle House” or “Jaya Noodle House” where you get all the noodles, rice, dim sum, lomaikai and egg tarts etc. Fantastic for lunch! Reasonably priced too! The menu is so vast and wide you really want to order everything! Needless to say, when you go to Duck King, you have to order the duck la. Duh. Not a fan of duck? Fine, they have chicken, charsiew, siewyuk, prawns, scallop, goose, beef, fish, etc, not to worry.

My husband was thrilled to discover that they serve the cheongfun charliong (pic below) which he tasted in HK, but could not find in KL /PJ. Well, it did not exactly taste like the HK version but it came close. This is actually cheongfun wrapped around sticks of yewcharkuew.

Me, I just love the classic roast duck a lot, the duck breast meat is succulent, tender and juicy, I don’t even need the sauce! Have it with the thin and chewy HK noodles, similar to local wantan mee but thinner and packs a better ‘bite’. Or you can do rice.

We also tried the Szechuan prawn dumpling, which is basically dumpling in a watered down Szechuan sauce. I would not recommend this, maybe I’ll do the classic dumplings or siao lung pau the next round.

RM98 Fried Rice?

We then realize on the menu that they serve this RM98 fried rice! 2 types, in fact, see picture of menu! We’re pretty sure it’s a single serving as all the items on the casual menu is ala carte. A standard seafood fried rice cost RM14.80, but throw in sharksfin and etc and voila …. We have ourselves a hundred pop fried rice! I’m not gonna bother but what interest me is the Grand Duck King Fried Rice… wow… wonder if it’s fully loaded with succulent duck breast … *drool*

The service is pretty good, decent. There is a tight crowd over lunch on a weekday. I like that they have pretty utensils and a cosy ambiance. Getting to and within Jaya One is a tad challenging as the building is not fully completed yet so we were confused where the parking was at first and it was also rather dusty and unfinished. So watch your steps.

Contact number: 03 - 7957 9809

On another note, Jaya Noodle House (a crowd fav from the old Jaya Shopping Center) is now in this Jaya One building, on the lower level, facing Unitar.

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