Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Lip Indulgence

I love lipglosses and I love Chanel … I've had my eye on the NEW Chanel Aqualumiere Gloss for sometime now and since I was in a "shop & splurge" mood over the weekend, *tadddaaaa* here it is!

Love: the fantastic lip brush tip (like a pro!), smooth texture, sexy shine and naturally pretty hue of "Freeze" (the shade I picked). "Freeze" is a little bit on the nude side, with a hint of brown with a light touch of shimmer, not too much, just nice.

The fine-tipped lip brush for precise application and smooth filling of color.

Lookin' yummilicious!
Ok, sorry lah, the picture is way too small as I had to crop it from my phone camera!

No love here: the really limited range of colors! Only 8 to 9 shades I think, and some were way too dark and drama for me. A tad pricey for daily use (that's why it's Chanel!) , but it's great all the same. I don't mind as long it performs in relation to the price. Retails at RM88.

Really, there's nothing like a Chanel lipgloss to make you feel oh-so-wonderfully posh and luscious! *heheh*

Blossoming Cherries!

One of my favorite brands launched yummilicious new stuff! The L'Occitane Cherry Blossom range is a big favorite of mine but I've been totally reluctant to splurge on it; till now.

Pic taken from L'Occitane.au

Like most girls, what I love most about the range is the
scent! I couldn’t bring myself to buy the fragrance all along as I had like 5 bottles of fragrances still half way through but now, I have exhausted all my fragrances (almost) so I am justified to splurge! So I skipped along to the friendly neighborhood L'Occitane to check out the new babies

What's new?
Petal Hand Cream, 75ml RM63
Cherry Eau de Toilette, 100ml RM177
Cherry Fragrant Touch Perfume, 7.5ml, whoopsie … I cannot remember the price ^_^

The verdict?
Petal Hand Cream
Light to touch, non-greasy and smells as wonderful as the original hand cream, which was launched last year at a teeny weeny 30ml size (see pic below).
I bought this for my mother-in-law, she love hand creams, she loved the scent and the non-greasy texture. I still prefer the one I have now as it's richer and my hands tend to be quite dry. But the Petal Cream is good for traveling and driving; no more sticky slippery steering wheel!
The website declares that this handcream is enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E and contains a cherry extract from Luberon, France. Both old and new variant contains Shea Butter; which I think is a must-have for hand creams as they are rich and nourishing enough.

My almost-gone hand cream!

The new Petal Soft Hand Cream!

Cool twist-cap means you won't misplace the cap.

Cherry Eau de Toilette:
Not to be confused with the Cherry Blossom EDT, the Cherry EDT scent is adorably sweet, fruity, very lovely, very young, (think Escada!) but alas … not for me, so I ended up buying the original Cherry Blossom anyway; loving every whiff! To me, the Cherry Blossom is delicate, fresh, feminine, a little 'country' but very wholesome; think Laura Ashley, Martha Stewart, Crabtree & Evelyn having a high tea party at Carcosa Seri Negara!

My precious classic Cherry Blossom EDT, 100ml

The new (and really sweet) Cherry EDT, 100ml.

Cherry Fragrant Touch Perfume:
The same scent but in a concentrated lotion-gel format in a convenient vial for touch ups. See pic below. It's small and cute and probably great for travel, but I bet after I buy it, I might forget about it and I won't really use it anyway. It might even get lost in my huge bottomless pit handbag. But this makes a cool gift for a sweet girlfriend!

Cherry Fragrant Touch Perfume

They have a super cool promotion now where if you buy above RM350 (Really steep!) they give you this really nice looking set with a nice Cherry Blossom pouch, compact mirror, and some other little bits of stuff, around 5 to 6 items. But I didn’t get it as I could not find anything else to make up the value, oh well. It would be nice if they could at least give out the compact mirror or pouch alone for a lesser purchase, they were soooo pretty!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Color Culture in One U

I was pleasantly surprised to see this advert board at One Utama over the weekend. I did mention in a previous post a while back that I wanted to try out Color Culture but I still haven't had the time and opportunity to make an appointment. Now they have expanded to One U, and apparently they just opened this month.

Well, for the benefit of those who stay in PJ area and frequent One U regularly but have yet to discover this, here's an irresistible offer of
15% off which is valid till end May:

If you can't see the number clearly, it's 7710 2290.

Have fun :)

Best Of Both Worlds

We discovered this fantabulous little eatery on Sunday night. We were at a lost at where to eat as we were celebrating hubby's birthday with my in-laws. It was actually recommended by a friend, and since we were at One Utama, we decided to give it a try.

What's it called?
Pasta Zanmai

What's served?
As the name suggest; a fusion of Japanese and Italian. Quite an unusual combination and I was put off at first (skeptical of most fusion wannabes), but since it's highly recommended (by someone who loves food), we thought, ok, why not!

I would not really consider this a "fusion-fusion" per se but rather it's actually creative Japanese culinary using Italian pasta and pizza base. Most of the condiments, flavorings, sauces are essentially Japanese. The only not-so Japanese elements are the 'creamy' base and the 'grated cheese'. Most other items still have a very Asian look and taste.

The philosophy of the restaurant; I think!

Where is it?
G210B, Ground Floor Promenade, One Utama (old wing), same row as Carl's Junior, Mark's Assam Laksa, TGIF, Dave's Deli and the Chinese restaurant (the one where loads of people have weddings at). If you know where is Burger King and Coffee Bean at the old wing, you can find this place effortlessly. Contact: 03 - 7728 1210

What we like?

  • The teriyaki chicken pizza, RM20 (rather messy and leaky but super yummy, one pizza is okay for one person, and works as a starter for 3 to 6)
  • Creamy mushroom and clam pasta, RM28 (huge portion caution! small eaters should share)
  • Creamy chicken and mushroom pasta, RM22 (huge portion caution! small eaters should share)
  • Crabmeat and avocado salad, RM18 (my mom-in-law liked this)
  • The Iced fruit tea (available by glass and jug)
  • The freshly grated cheese upon request
  • The green tea ice cream, RM6 (we requested for azuki (red) beans on top, which is not part of the deal)
  • Service was pretty good and attentive; the Filipino guy who served us was quite friendly and spoke well.

Many ways to green tea ....

Chicken Teriyaki Pizza ... check out the 'live' egg!

My Clam Pasta in Creamy Mushroom Sauce Set + M iso Soup + Salad

Avocado & Crabmeat Salad

What can we do without?

  • The soupy chicken pasta; the clear soup base was bland and had a heavy fried garlic taste (too strong for my liking)
  • The edaname (soy beans); it was not salty enough and it tasted, well, like edaname that you get everywhere else, so it's no big deal unless you're a big fan.

What else?
These are some mouth-watering stuff we will surely try the next round:

  • Rice in omelet with curry sauce (looks like nasi pattaya!)
  • Beef & Onion Soup Pasta
  • Unagi Pasta
  • Potato Gratin Dishes
  • Fried Pastas
  • Wide range of pretty looking desserts and beverages

This Beef & Onion Soup pasta also caught my eye .... *drool*

Tempting ... truly tempting ... *slurp*

One of the many Potato Gratin dishes.

Wish list?

  • It would be so delightful if we could choose the type of pasta; e.g. Fettuccine, Angel Hair, Linguine, etc.
  • They should expand the restaurant as the crowd was quite heavy and there were people queuing outside by 8pm. I also got the impression that they seem rather short-staffed towards the end part of our dinner. The place is quite small as the front half of the lot is a mini-grocer of Japanese produce and confectionery.
  • Don't be out of stuff! They were out of the crepe with green tea ice cream and azuki beans (much to mother-in-law's dismay)

The price?
Value for money and great for groups since the portions are huge. An average pasta cost around RM18 to RM25, add around RM3 for the set which comes with a small side salad (with crabmeat and a yummy dressing) and your good old miso soup.

The Shortcake verdict?
Shortcake will definitely be back. Pasta Zanmai has successfully merged 2 well-loved cuisines together and the result is a wholesome and tantalizing menu amidst a nice cosy setting. The mind boggling variety ensures there's something for everyone, the downside is that you will spend a lot of time flipping back and forth the menu trying to make up your mind. The names are long and tongue-twisting so make sure your waiter repeats your order. What they actually need is an alpha-numeric code system for each item, that might fool-proof the process!

This place solves the food-conflict problem; food-conflicts happen when your family members or your groupie can't decide what to eat; somebody wants rice, somebody wants salad, somebody wants teriyaki, somebody wants soup, somebody wants pasta … hey, no need to fight ok; this place solves most kinds of food-conflicts !

They have webpage too: www.supersushi.com.my

Refreshing! The iced fruit tea in a jug, RM16, serves 2 generously.

Starbucks Does Breakfast!

It is with delightful gastronomical pleasure that I present to you *drumroll* Starbucks Breakfast! I saw this banner at Hartamas over the weekend. I believe this new offering has been around probably for a whole month or so but here you go, delayed news better than no news!

I have yet to try it, as it is I never wake up early enough for breakfast on a weekend, but lucky me, they serve this till 2pm! So I guess I now have another option for a light lunch. Unfortunately I don't see myself having this on a weekday either …. sigh … there is no Starbucks near my work place!!! Boohoo … bummersssss … can we have a Starbucks at Glenmarie area, please?

Well, for those who have tried, do feel free to post a comment or two ...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Korean Cravings Satisfied!

We are kimchi-fans! And kimchi fans loves Korean food! *duh*

Hubby and I have tried a few Korean restaurants and so far this is our current favorite: Korea House at Desa Sri Hartamas. Korea House is not new but a rather established place in Hartamas (same row as Uncle Don, on the first floor). This place is value for money with fulfilling portions and good service (compared to one across the road at the newer shoplots which cost a bomb)

Hartamas is, as most people already know by now, a popular hang out for Korean expats, so the Korean restaurants here should be decent, and we do not need to go all the way to Ampang's Korean colony, yay! :)

Hubby and I love Korean barbecue; what you see here are the Pork Ribs and Beef Ribs which we shared among the 2 of us ....

The marinated beef ribs close up in the barbecue pit.

The marinated pork ribs in the barbecue pit, surrounded by all the side dishes.
Take note of the complementary sizzling corn in cream and the steaming claypot egg dish.

The ultimate favorite: blessed kimchi *aaahhh*

Here's the contact for the restaurant: 2300 1107

Once upon a time, I shied away from Korean restaurants, unless I was part of a big group and somebody knew what to order and how! Anyway back then there were not many Korean restaurants and even so they tend to cater to Koreans so everything was in Korean and they spoke little English. Unlike Japanese food in Malaysia where they expect a local majority. Anyway, after numerous trial and error and adventures to several Korean eateries, plus hubby's actual experience in Seoul, we finally have some idea how this works, and we're happy to share the how-to @ a Korean restaurant with you so you too can be an expert when you step into any Korean restaurant and savor the delightful Korean gastronomical experience! :) Here goes ...

  • Their menu is unusual; unlike the systematic arrangement of starters, soup, salads, poultry, mains etc that we are accustomed to, the Korean menu is different. They start off with the 'happening' dishes like the barbecue meat (they show you photos of raw meat) and Bulgogi (a gravy dish cooked on the spot) and other exciting mains.
  • The cool thing is they usually have good pictures for each and every item, which helps.
  • All items are ala carte unless otherwise stated, so if there are 2 of you, order 2 items; it could be one barbecue and one something else, or in our case; it will be both barbecue!
  • You might be tempted to order more, like soup, vegetables, pancake etc as appetizer, but do not do that if there are only 2 of you. Why? This is because they will bring out something like 10 side dishes for you (or more), and those are 'complimentary' or part of the usual Korean dining style. So do not embarrass yourself by exclaiming "Eh, we did not order this! Take it back!"
  • The assortment of the side dishes tend to change, they are different this week to the next, except for kimchi which remains a staple. Some of the nice stuff I like are; quail eggs, cockles, squid, ikan bilis and spinach. They are mainly vegetables, with some seafood.
  • In our experience, 2 restaurants serves extra yummy items in addition to the customary side dishes; Jewel In The Palace in Section 14 and this place, Korea House; I don't think these items are on the menu hence no 'name' for them so I shall call them sizzling corn in cream and the steaming claypot egg dish. (see pix above) Now you know what I mean by not over-ordering! They are full of surprises. But not all Korean restaurant practice this.
  • You can top up the items you see on the little side dishes. And if there is something you do not like on the little side dish, you may return it and ask them to replace it with Kimchi or something else, so this way you won't waste food!
  • Rice is ordered separately and cost around RM4 to RM5 per bowl, depending where, but their rice is delicious, almost like Japanese rice.
  • The raw lettuce are for you to wrap the barbecue meat. They also give you raw garlic, I usually wrap them together with the lettuce and meat but not too much.
  • I find Korean food more suited to dinner (early dinner) as the portions are quite huge, throw in the side dishes and then you will be stuffed.
  • If you have a large group of 4 and above, then by al means, order a few more dishes, I recommend the Kimchi pancake in Korea House and the Seafood Pancake in Jewel In The Palace, Section 14.
  • Some places have started serving 'sets', somewhat like the Japanese Bento sets, Section 14 is one of it, but only during lunch, now that makes it easier and lighter.
  • Pricing for an average meal would be below RM150 per couple. An a la carte beef or pork barbecue serving ranges from RM45 to RM65, a single chicken chicken would be cheaper, say RM30 max.
  • I have yet to come across a 'halal' Korean restaurant, unfortunately.

Well, that's the Shortcake pointers for the day! Hope it helps :) Have a great Korean feast!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dreams are Made of Cream Puffs!

I love cream puffs. I love these cream puffs. Really.

These cream puffs are to-die-for! The name is a bit strange though; "Beard Papa's" *duh* (why not "Mole Momma") and I was skeptical when I saw the stall at Pavilion KL (same floor as the food court), but I could not resist. The puff was HUGE and fat so you'll be a tad worried to buy too many, but once you sink your teeth into these beauties, it's like biting into a crispy shelled fluffy cloud where sweet cool cream floods your senses ... and then you wish, darn, should have bought a few more puffs! The taste is altogether delightful, light and fresh, not heavy, too rich nor too sweet. Check out pic below.

We also bought the Chocolate Fondant which is something like the Chocolate Dream in Cava, it's like a chocolate cake which oozes rich dark chocolate sauce once you bite into the centre. I still prefer the one in Cava as it's served warm.

But the cream puffs are absolutely a must-have! They fill the custard filling upon each order so it's super fresh.

Price: I can't remember, it should be around RM3 or so, but I think they also have a 'box' value buy. It's ok if you're not gonna eat it everyday. Right?

Apparently they started in Mid Valley for us, somehow I did not notice it there before.

What else I discovered about Beard Papa's ...
  • Beard Papa's is a Japanese company founded in 1999. Their slogan is "Fresh'n natural cream puffs." Beard Papa's has over 250 stores in Japan and 300 worldwide.
  • There is an American website: http://www.beardpapas.com/
  • Closer to home is a Singaporean website: http://www.beardpapa.com.sg
  • Apparently the international menu is really wide especially in US and UK; with eclairs, cheesecakes, tiramisu, mochi, etc. Some places even offer many flavors! But I still like the classic Vanilla, I really can't imagine cream puffs any other way! Here, I think they offer Vanilla and Chocolate flavors.
Well, I guess I have to make more rounds to our own local Beard Papa's one of these days :)

Doesn't this picture make your mouth water???? Oh darn, and bring on a steaming mug of coffee too!

Heavenly Weekend Getaway!

Shortcake and hubby went on a weekend escapade to the sophisticated Westin for a quiet weekend. Not exactly 'quiet' if you consider that we chose the centre of town! Well, the extravaganza was part a much-needed rejuvenation and part birthday celebration for hubby. Hubby loves Westin's renown The Heavenly Bed®; which is a Westin's signature innovation, by the way.

The Westin Kuala Lumpur @ Jalan Bukit Bintang

Westin's Signature: The H eavenly Bed

Enjoying KenFolett's 'Pillars of the Earth' on 'Heaven'!

*aaaahhhh* this is life!

The living area and balcony which is separated from the bedroom.

En joying a chilled can of beer *hic* at the mini kitchen and bar area, see below.

As we adjourned to dinner, we were pleasantly surprised by all the candles they lit up at dusk.

Lunch at Prego's, Westin's Italian Restaurant

Dinner @ The Living Room

Why Westin? Heavenly bed, heavenly soap, heavenly shower! Truly heavenly! Corny or what huh :O

Dining: Lunch
We tried out Prego's, this appears to be the largest and most happening eatery within the hotel, 2 floors plus an al fresco area facing Marriott. Their pastas comes in 2 sizes: primi and secondi, primi meaning as a 'starter', secondi as a main. So we ordered 2 primi pastas and a pizza to try. You can gauge whether an Italian restaurant is worth their salts by the pizza. I had a prawn pasta, which was spicy (good!) and oily (not so good!), but hubby's carbonara was fabulous! One of the best I had, also due to the fact that they make their own fresh fettuccine. Prego's boasts a wide range of pastas; from spaghetti to fettuccine to linguine etc, some are dried and some are home-made. The pizza was power-packed with good stuff, and the one we ordered had salami, blue cheese, mushrooms and artichokes; a crazy combination; but yummilicious nevertheless!

Prego's - First Floor

Dining: Dinner

The food at Westin was somewhat disappointing, we did not really enjoy the dinner at 'The Living Room', I seriously think the risotto gave me stomach ache, the whole night! *bummer* Hubby had the cod fish with polenta, he discovered he does not fancy polenta much but the cod fish was fresh and succulent. I seriously thought the dinner was a huge disappointment, I attribute this to the hype they created through their 'Taste Matters' club and all the clever copy-writing mumbo jumbo. Over-promise, under-deliver. Well, then again, in all fairness, maybe this particular set dinner was bad, I suppose other items on the menu might be really great. Possibly, after all, we did see alot of people over dinner, locals and foreigners alike. I might give it another chance again, someday, maybe.

Dining: Breakfast

One of the best breakfast in a Malaysian hotel. The sumptuous spread seemed to go on forever! However, I could not really eat much thanks to the risotto the night before, which wrecked havoc in my system. But I was delighted by the array of fresh fruits and juices. Good stuff. Super fresh. Hubby was so stuffed with sausages, omelets, waffles ... you name it. Needless to say, we skipped lunch that day.

We had a truly relaxing time together, the service and ambiance were fantastic overall. They did make us feel like VIPs *haha* Also, since we booked the Executive Residence, we were entitled to various club benefits, which were really cool, although we did not really make full use of them all! Reservations were made online and the deals online were much better than if you were to call them up directly. The damage: close to RM800, including breakfast and taxes, excluding all other meals. Check out the various getaway packages and special offers they have online, for starters, book a normal room (maybe not more than RM600 net), just to experience the heavenly bed, oh you can buy the bed by the way, approx RM10K plus including duvet, blankets, pillows etc etc :P

Web excerpts:

The Westin Kuala Lumpur is the epitome of personal renewal, a contemporary five-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur’s bustling Jalan Bukit Bintang. All 443 guest rooms, including 23 suites and 63 one-bedroom and two-bedroom Executive Residences, feature the plush, all-white signature Heavenly Bed®. The Heavenly Shower®, available exclusively at our Executive Residences, will restore your mind and body. Wanna know more ...

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur @ Night!

These gorgeous shots were taken using my hubby's new Nikon D300. Pavilion is my current favorite mall ... and here is how it looks on a weekend night. Simply breathtaking! Here are some show off pix; thanks to the Nikon; haha!

World Book Day!

This post is a day late, World Book Day is actually yesterday; 23rd April. How and why do we have world book day? I found out here.

Some excerpts from the Unesco site:

By celebrating this Day throughout the world, UNESCO seeks to promote reading, publishing and the protection of intellectual property through copyright.

23 April: a symbolic date for world literature for on this date and in the same year of 1616, Cervantes, Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega all died. It is also the date of birth or death of other prominent authors such as Maurice Druon, K.Laxness, Vladimir Nabokov, Josep Pla and Manuel Mejía Vallejo. It was a natural choice for UNESCO's General Conference to pay a world-wide tribute to books and authors on this date, encouraging everyone, and in particular young people, to discover the pleasure of reading and gain a renewed respect for the irreplaceable contributions of those who have furthered the social and cultural progress of humanity.

The idea for this celebration originated in Catalonia where on 23 April, Saint George's Day, a rose is traditionally given as a gift for each book sold. The success of the World Book and Copyright Day will depend primarily on the support received from all parties concerned (authors, publishers, teachers, librarians, public and private institutions, humanitarian NGOs and the mass media), who have been mobilized in each country by UNESCO National Commissions, UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations, Associated Schools and Libraries, and by all those who feel motivated to work together in this world celebration of books and authors. © UNESCO

In tribute to world book day, let's all head to our nearest MPH or Times and get a book or two! And get one for someone you know! :)

Happy World Book Day! Books rock. Books are the windows and doors to the world!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

THREE: Physical Theater About The Afterlife

I went to watch THREE with Totoro on Thursday. When the show was announced almost 2 months back on KLPAC's site on Facebook I was totally intrigued, the catchphrases which did it for me were "inspired by Mitch Albom's Five People You Meet In Heaven", "the afterlife", "physical theater" plus the tested and proven cast. So I quickly booked Totoro and bought tickets for us. The verdict; I was blown away and it was worth the weekday traffic from Subang to Sentul. Phewww.

OK, before I go into how I feel about this, here's the low down:

Click postcard to enlarge.


What is the meaning of our existence? Do our ordinary lives make a difference? Will we look back with regret and feel that we contributed nothing significant in our lifetime? Or will we rejoice with all the accomplishments that we have made throughout? This is a story, beginning at the end, where all these questions are put forward. The people we've met, the things that we've done and how much of it is accounted for at the end of the day.

Told entirely with body language, this story shows us that there is still one last chance to correct the wrongs in our lives and to forgive and forget. In the end, what we say doesn't really matter. It's how we mean it. And how we show it. Language is of no more importance, but instead, it's the sincerity of our hearts that come into play.

A physical theater piece set to original live music.

Synopsis credit to KLPAC

Director: Helena Foo

Composer: Nick Davis

Executive Producer: Dato' Faridah Merican

Featuring: Lorna Hoong, Nicole-Ann Thomas, Wai, Payal Vashist & Soni

Address: Sentul Park, Jalan Strachan, Off Jalan Ipoh
Price: RM 25, RM15 (disabled, senior citizens, students)
Dates: Last shows today and tomorrow!

The entrance to Pentas 2.

The show was in Pentas 2, ground floor and as we walked in we were greeted by haze and smoke (see signage below) which I guess is supposed to give us the "we're in heaven" feeling. The show started with an "in flight" kind of announcement; "fasten your seatbelt etc etc" followed by a seemingly plane crash which leads to the protagonist sprawled on the centre stage floor; broken and 'dead'. I like the part where her whole life literally flashed before her; this was achieved by having a projector mounted from the ceiling which flashed nostalgic moments (photos and videos) of her life unto the stage floor.

Adult subject matter! No worries; no nudity nor vulgarities here.

Anyway, the whole show is without WORDS, except for the in flight announcement in the beginning and the closing song in the end which was performed by a live band and sung by the director herself; Helena Foo.

This is a physical theater which means the facial expressions, stylized body movements, dramatic gestures and dance are employed to convey the message. Of course, Nick Davis and his (live) band did a superb job with music, nothing draws out the emotions as music can. The lighting effect also added to the drama. We see alot of unique body movements combined with the creative use of yoga, ballet and classical Indian, and maybe even a hint of martial art from Wong Wai Hoong (the eye candy for the ladies), nice cartwheels. I guess it helps that he was half naked and a fitness instructor, girls, go, run and buy the tickets NOW!

I liked the part where Wong Wai Hoong, the guardian angel, was using dance to revive and 'fix' the broken Lorna Hoong. See photo below (courtesy of the Star Online)

When it became to the mother-and-daughter scene (pic below, taken from Star Online), I can hear suppressed sobs and sniffles. I was holding my breath and holding back that trickle as well! The scene was so moving and beautifully played by Nicole Ann and Lorna that even without words, the audience felt the anguish, love and longing between mother and daughter. This was amazing as even some movies / shows with words are not able to draw tears from the audience, but this scene managed to do so without so much as a spoken word.

Another noteworthy part is when the protagonist and her ex-beau used classical Indian inspired moves to demonstrate their relationship, how they teased and flirted but eventually they both danced out-of-sync that it frustrated them; I take it this speaks of the different wavelength and desires of a couple as they advance along in their relationship. The mismatched rhythm and moves eventually led to their separation.

With THREE, expect to be taken on an emotional roller coaster ride; feel surprise, sadness, lust, desire, temptation, anger, joy and relief.

I want to give special credit and recognition to the musicians; apparently the tracks were brand new compositions for this play. I can remember right after the first score, I was whispering to Totoro "I wonder if they are selling the 'soundtrack' leh?" I would gladly buy a copy of the musical tracks.

The cast and crew were superb and talented, the execution was seamless. Of course, I would expect nothing less of a play overseen by Joe Hasham and Faridah Merican.

A full review was done by the Star as well.

Photos and reviews are on the boards leading towards the entrance.