Monday, April 28, 2008

Starbucks Does Breakfast!

It is with delightful gastronomical pleasure that I present to you *drumroll* Starbucks Breakfast! I saw this banner at Hartamas over the weekend. I believe this new offering has been around probably for a whole month or so but here you go, delayed news better than no news!

I have yet to try it, as it is I never wake up early enough for breakfast on a weekend, but lucky me, they serve this till 2pm! So I guess I now have another option for a light lunch. Unfortunately I don't see myself having this on a weekday either …. sigh … there is no Starbucks near my work place!!! Boohoo … bummersssss … can we have a Starbucks at Glenmarie area, please?

Well, for those who have tried, do feel free to post a comment or two ...

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