Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dreams are Made of Cream Puffs!

I love cream puffs. I love these cream puffs. Really.

These cream puffs are to-die-for! The name is a bit strange though; "Beard Papa's" *duh* (why not "Mole Momma") and I was skeptical when I saw the stall at Pavilion KL (same floor as the food court), but I could not resist. The puff was HUGE and fat so you'll be a tad worried to buy too many, but once you sink your teeth into these beauties, it's like biting into a crispy shelled fluffy cloud where sweet cool cream floods your senses ... and then you wish, darn, should have bought a few more puffs! The taste is altogether delightful, light and fresh, not heavy, too rich nor too sweet. Check out pic below.

We also bought the Chocolate Fondant which is something like the Chocolate Dream in Cava, it's like a chocolate cake which oozes rich dark chocolate sauce once you bite into the centre. I still prefer the one in Cava as it's served warm.

But the cream puffs are absolutely a must-have! They fill the custard filling upon each order so it's super fresh.

Price: I can't remember, it should be around RM3 or so, but I think they also have a 'box' value buy. It's ok if you're not gonna eat it everyday. Right?

Apparently they started in Mid Valley for us, somehow I did not notice it there before.

What else I discovered about Beard Papa's ...
  • Beard Papa's is a Japanese company founded in 1999. Their slogan is "Fresh'n natural cream puffs." Beard Papa's has over 250 stores in Japan and 300 worldwide.
  • There is an American website:
  • Closer to home is a Singaporean website:
  • Apparently the international menu is really wide especially in US and UK; with eclairs, cheesecakes, tiramisu, mochi, etc. Some places even offer many flavors! But I still like the classic Vanilla, I really can't imagine cream puffs any other way! Here, I think they offer Vanilla and Chocolate flavors.
Well, I guess I have to make more rounds to our own local Beard Papa's one of these days :)

Doesn't this picture make your mouth water???? Oh darn, and bring on a steaming mug of coffee too!


beetrice said...

Beard Papa's "value buy" box is RM20 for 6 puffs, individual purchase is RM3.80 each.. :D

I only eat the vanilla ones, but they have chocolate and green tea (*gulp*) variants as well..(I happened to walk past the store in Midvalley yesterday!)

Shortcake said...

oh kool, i shall try the choc and green tea ones as well ... thanks for the update! And i just found out there is actually a branch at One U at the old wing too!

Lee said...

I reckon I can only eat one before i get 'jelak' of it.

the cream puff is nice but i think my experience was not as delightful because the pastry puff was a lil too hard. maybe it was left out for quite a bit and not as fresh. OR maybe the recipe just called for such a texture (since i've had nicer, way much softer puffs).

anyhow, if you have sweet cravings and can't be bothered to join in that endless queue at, this is a great substitute!