Thursday, April 24, 2008

Heavenly Weekend Getaway!

Shortcake and hubby went on a weekend escapade to the sophisticated Westin for a quiet weekend. Not exactly 'quiet' if you consider that we chose the centre of town! Well, the extravaganza was part a much-needed rejuvenation and part birthday celebration for hubby. Hubby loves Westin's renown The Heavenly Bed®; which is a Westin's signature innovation, by the way.

The Westin Kuala Lumpur @ Jalan Bukit Bintang

Westin's Signature: The H eavenly Bed

Enjoying KenFolett's 'Pillars of the Earth' on 'Heaven'!

*aaaahhhh* this is life!

The living area and balcony which is separated from the bedroom.

En joying a chilled can of beer *hic* at the mini kitchen and bar area, see below.

As we adjourned to dinner, we were pleasantly surprised by all the candles they lit up at dusk.

Lunch at Prego's, Westin's Italian Restaurant

Dinner @ The Living Room

Why Westin? Heavenly bed, heavenly soap, heavenly shower! Truly heavenly! Corny or what huh :O

Dining: Lunch
We tried out Prego's, this appears to be the largest and most happening eatery within the hotel, 2 floors plus an al fresco area facing Marriott. Their pastas comes in 2 sizes: primi and secondi, primi meaning as a 'starter', secondi as a main. So we ordered 2 primi pastas and a pizza to try. You can gauge whether an Italian restaurant is worth their salts by the pizza. I had a prawn pasta, which was spicy (good!) and oily (not so good!), but hubby's carbonara was fabulous! One of the best I had, also due to the fact that they make their own fresh fettuccine. Prego's boasts a wide range of pastas; from spaghetti to fettuccine to linguine etc, some are dried and some are home-made. The pizza was power-packed with good stuff, and the one we ordered had salami, blue cheese, mushrooms and artichokes; a crazy combination; but yummilicious nevertheless!

Prego's - First Floor

Dining: Dinner

The food at Westin was somewhat disappointing, we did not really enjoy the dinner at 'The Living Room', I seriously think the risotto gave me stomach ache, the whole night! *bummer* Hubby had the cod fish with polenta, he discovered he does not fancy polenta much but the cod fish was fresh and succulent. I seriously thought the dinner was a huge disappointment, I attribute this to the hype they created through their 'Taste Matters' club and all the clever copy-writing mumbo jumbo. Over-promise, under-deliver. Well, then again, in all fairness, maybe this particular set dinner was bad, I suppose other items on the menu might be really great. Possibly, after all, we did see alot of people over dinner, locals and foreigners alike. I might give it another chance again, someday, maybe.

Dining: Breakfast

One of the best breakfast in a Malaysian hotel. The sumptuous spread seemed to go on forever! However, I could not really eat much thanks to the risotto the night before, which wrecked havoc in my system. But I was delighted by the array of fresh fruits and juices. Good stuff. Super fresh. Hubby was so stuffed with sausages, omelets, waffles ... you name it. Needless to say, we skipped lunch that day.

We had a truly relaxing time together, the service and ambiance were fantastic overall. They did make us feel like VIPs *haha* Also, since we booked the Executive Residence, we were entitled to various club benefits, which were really cool, although we did not really make full use of them all! Reservations were made online and the deals online were much better than if you were to call them up directly. The damage: close to RM800, including breakfast and taxes, excluding all other meals. Check out the various getaway packages and special offers they have online, for starters, book a normal room (maybe not more than RM600 net), just to experience the heavenly bed, oh you can buy the bed by the way, approx RM10K plus including duvet, blankets, pillows etc etc :P

Web excerpts:

The Westin Kuala Lumpur is the epitome of personal renewal, a contemporary five-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur’s bustling Jalan Bukit Bintang. All 443 guest rooms, including 23 suites and 63 one-bedroom and two-bedroom Executive Residences, feature the plush, all-white signature Heavenly Bed®. The Heavenly Shower®, available exclusively at our Executive Residences, will restore your mind and body. Wanna know more ...


beetrice said...

I love the Westin bed...just too bad I couldn't sneak it back home...then again, maybe it's time to pay another visit back there.. :)

Cybermate said...

Eh, beetrice also here ah? Hehehe!

Anyhow, I am jealous of your weekend getaway!!!! Can I have one too?!

Shortcake said...

Hey. thanks for popping by, cybermate! the weekend getaway was my hubby's birthday treat from me *hehehe* ... you really should try the heavenly bed! :)

Maybe you and Bee and a maybe even few others can book a package and get a superb deal from Westin? :P

Mrs Top Monkey said...

I did the same for hubby two years back and the bed was REALLY nice! When I rang up, I told them that it was his birthday and to please decorate it and when we walked in, they had rose petals scattered here and there and a cake that said Happy Wedding. ??? As we were not married then, Top Monkey thought it was my ploy to get him to pop the question! LMAO!

Shortcake said...

MTM ... that is dem funny! Did they actually say that? How can they mistaken BIRTHDAY vs WEDDING! Wahlau ... stress man! Well, ploy or no ploy, it somehow worked out that way! I would say it was a cute bizarre kind of prophecy! :)