Monday, March 10, 2008

Shortcake Surprise: My Intro...

This is Shortcake. Previously known as Wickedly Perfect, Shortcake to you now. Good things comes in small packages. Hang around and binge....

What will Shortcake blog about....? Let's see, these are what you will eventually find on my blog...

1. Reviews on restaurant
2. Reviews on books
3. Spiritual nuggets of sorts (I love God, I really do, heaven knows I'm the least of Christians, but these blogs serve more of a reminder to myself than a propaganda. Seriously)
4. Various observations on life
5. Various nonsensical events in my life, plus pictures, loads of them that bore you to bits.
6. Stuff about cosmetics

There are other things you will notice on my blog:
  • Inconsistency
  • Variety: there's no specific theme to my blog, anything goes!
  • Possibly poor grammar and spelling occasionally (so pardon me)
  • The occasional annoying cliches
  • Private jokes that no one will get unless u are part of the clique... hehehe.
  • Shallow stuff
Nevertheless, I hope to entertain, inspire and make you and I laugh. At any rate, even if I fail miserably at all the above, I will nevertheless achieve a cathartic sense of relief. And that, to me, is a pretty damn good reason to write.

Please do COMMENT and say something (please be NICE while you are at it). There's nothing worse than visiting someone's abode without as much as a "hi"

Toodledoo for now.

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