Monday, March 31, 2008

I Bought Some HappYness!

Had a lovely Shopaholic Saturday! More shopping exploits to reward myself for being smoke-free for almost a week! Plenty of excuses to spend money. Sigh.

This green card is true ... sometimes, we should simplify our lives ... if happYness can be bought ... what a wonderful world this would be!

There's a sale going on just about everywhere! First spotted is Mooie .... this was taken across the street (heheh)

This is what I bought from Mooie .... does it look preggers ...??? Dunno man ... but was on sale! 15% off! beh tahan ... so cute!

I also bought a munkii. What's that? More correctly, it's actually an Oook doll. That's what it says on the little hand-written tag. I had to part with RM59 for this spooky creature. Yet it voodoo-ed me from the moment I set eyes on it and I just can't resist. There were loads of Oooks at Mooie, each Oook is hand-made and one design only. More reason to own one!

Oook dolls on a wall

This place surprise me every time. I don't always find something that suits me here but I still love coming here. They change their stuff all the time, and even if I don't buy any baju, I still enjoy browsing.... it's like a quirky gallery of sorts to me. In fact sometimes the baju are too quirky for me ... maklumlah, I am no hip teenybopper ... but wannabe maybe. But no really, they do have something for everyone, just look around and be open-minded ...

What I love most about Mooie are the price tags! Witty. Cute. Naughty.

I just realized that the munkii matches my top! Hah. How is that relevant? No idea actually. They just match.

The best way to top off a delightful rainy shopping afternoon is to indulge in a few books. I enjoy buying books as much as I enjoy reading them. Here are what we picked up at Kinokuniya ....

What a lovely end to a HappY Saturday :)

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