Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Secret to Rosy Flushy Cheeks!

Ok, if I'm gonna blog about it, it's no secret anymore! Well, I was introduced to this product when makeup artist Khir Khalid recommended and used it on me during a small photo shoot for a magazine sometime back. I bought one and it ROCKS! I am now at my second bottle already! I can't live without it now ... sigh.

It's the
Benefit Benetint! *applause applause* I love this stuff ... why ...?

  • it's sooooo easy to use: just draw 2 crosses on your cheeks and dab-dab-dab with fingers, right after foundation is perfect, or even on bare skin.
  • it smells soooooo GOOD! The scent perks me up, totally
  • my husband has been sniffing my cheeks cos I smell like roses!
  • it gives me a pretty stain of color that looks so natural
  • it last longer than most powder blushers I know
  • because applying powder blush sometimes can go wrong if you're too heavy handed with the brush
  • I can still apply the powder blush over Benetint for contouring for more a more 'gala' look if I want to
  • it's just 'water', no oil, not sticky, not like a gel or something gooey
If you think blushers are such a hassle, I seriously recommend this stuff. Works like a dream.

There is only one shade, but it works on all skin tones and skin types.

The price is rather steep but it can last me almost 2 to 3 months. You can get it @ RM149.00 at Paskson, Metrojaya and most good department stores in town.


nadyahaya said...

hi, i know this is random.. but i googled for khir khalid the make up artist.. and it brought me to ur blog. i have a wedding coming up.. and am very very interested in khir khalid for my make up but can't seem to get his contact num. do u know how i can get hold of him pls? hope u can help. thanx!

Shortcake said...

Hi Nadya, I'm sorry In don't have his number as I did not deal with him directly :(

but he has a Facebook site where you can try to message him :)

Good luck and best wishes with the wedding! :)