Monday, March 10, 2008

TAK NAK! It's time to quit!

In order for Wickedly Perfect to fully transform into Shortcake; some major changes need to take place.... the biggest battle I will face is coming up soon: QUIT SMOKING!

(I can almost hear my cell leaders cheering with hoots in the background :P)

I have been smoking since I was 25; let's not even go to why I even started in the first place... I rededicated myself to a higher divine cause recently and it's time to take things to another level....

The set QUIT date: 23rd March, Sunday

I chose Easter Sunday to signify a new beginning. A new me. Redeemed and whole again. Yay!

I really need support here ok... so ex-smokers and smokers are welcome to HELP and offer ENCOURAGEMENT. I seriously won't be needing the whole "How can you smoke when you claim to be a Christian!" Please. The Christian God does not live in a box. And no one is perfect. "Holier-than-thous" can take a hike. Seriously? Seriously. (See, I told u there would be cliches!)

Anyway, I am making a rather public declaration here.... to ensure I will malu giler giler if I fall back. So I can't fall back now. This has got to work! So help me God!

More smoking cessation journal coming up :P


Mrs Top Monkey said...

C'mon, Glam Hobbit, you can do it!!! My uncles did it when their sons were born and have remained smoke-free ever since. So if they can, you can too!

Go, go, Shortcake! *cheers*

Lee said...

I'll remind you everytime we go down for smoke break. You can join me to fight against the "dark side"! hehe