Friday, July 25, 2008

Ozmosis Day Spa RM50 Voucher

Ozmosis Day Spa RM50 Voucher: up for grabs…just post a comment or message me with your email or some mode of contact. If you can arrange pick up from me (at Glenmarie on weekdays) it would be good, otherwise I will just mail it to you. It's valid for 3 months from 24th July 2008. The spa is in Bangsar (contact details on website, click on name with hyperlink), nice poshy place and pretty expensive from what I hear. I just don't have the time for an all day spa and by the time I do, the voucher will expire… so I will do the world a favor. Anyway I have not been there nor tried their services and I am not affiliated with them at all.

I actually got this voucher (in a last night a party hosted by TSB at Bangsar, one of the outlets owned by Gastrodome (also own La Bodega, ring a bell?) Anyway I realize that I am way too old for crowded parties. But then again, half the people at the 'upstairs' party area were way older than me… so it's probably not age alone but more of a 'refining' and 'mellowing' of the senses. Besides, it was loud, hot, stuffy and people were just jostling for a bit of air. I can smell every body scent and feel everyone's damp skin as we squeeze past each other. This violates my personal space and I'm not sure if that's my idea of fun. Free booze and finger food galore does not appeal to me, unfortunately. But the party was a success from the overwhelming response, so kudos to Gastrodome.

So I now admit and confess that I am no longer a party animal. Sigh I think my idea of a party is a quiet dinner in a nice place with good friends and delectable eatables. Heck, at that moment I could actually think of a thousand things that I would rather be doing instead of partying …. Some of these would be ….

  • Watching DVDs in the comfort of my own home
  • Doing laundry
  • Cooking
  • Reading and re-reading books
  • Blogging
  • Sleeping
  • Washing car
  • Playing taboo at Champs

Don't get me wrong, I do like partying, but I'm really fussy when it comes to the crowd and music and 'space'. One of the best and most memorable parties I been too was the Salem Recharge (open-air of course) at Genting around 4 to 5 years back. That was what I call a real party. Cool air, plenty of space, great music and we had a nice sized group.


beetrice said...

Ozmosis isn't half bad, actually..but I'd echo your sentiment on not having time for full day spas! :D

Mrs Top Monkey said...

Gosh, Shortcake! You've become... domesticated! ;)

Cybermate said...

I dont like spa!

Pink Elle said...

Ooh is that spa voucher still available?

Shortcake said...

yes yes, voucher still available? do u want it ? :)

Pink Elle said...

Thanks shortcake but I've heard that Ozmosis spa's packages and services aren't that great! But thanks anyway! :)