Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Kitty Rescue

My dear hubby, such a compassionate soul he is, rescued a stray kitten near his office building yesterday. Hubby could not resist, saying the kitty was small, cold and weak and it was just shivering of cold. So he picked it up and brought kitty home in an old Double A box.

We rushed home from work to take kitty to the vet to check if it was in ok condition to keep. Apparently it's a SHE, cool, and she had alot of worms, so we de-wormed her. We can't tell if she will make it until maybe a week or two later. The vet says she could have picked up diseases and the symptoms may not show till a couple of weeks. So we have to wait and see and take kitty back for another check up.

Kitty would not eat so we had to force feed her, and feed her milk replacement with a syringe which the vet kindly gave to us at no cost.

We have decided to name the poor stray kitty Momo. Cos its sounds so "manja", just like us. Haha. We hope Momo makes it.

Hubby and I are both big time dog lovers. I've had dogs for over 10 years and hubby use to have three pooches at one go. Now we have a CAT! We seriously do not know what to do with it and have no idea what to expect from a cat! But our heart goes out to the poor little fella, so helpless and frail. But so "geli" also, I hardly dare touch it, but it's quite adorable.

I only hope she won't set off all my allergies!


beetrice said...

awww...she's adorable!! :)

PS: freaky coincidence or what - my word verification for this post is... "ARMOMOS"... :O

Shortcake said...

gosh that is freaky! maybe its a sign, this is meant to be and dog-people are sometimes meant to learn to love cats at some point in their lives!