Thursday, July 09, 2009

Don't Call Me Babe

There are girlfriends and there are friends who are girls. Big difference ok. Girlfriends can call me 'babe'. Friends or rather acquaintances are NOT allowed to call me 'babe' ... simply because I am NOT your babe.

Also, I cannot tahan people telling me to "CHILL" ..... the worse combination: "Chill la babe" from someone who is not your girlfriend, or someone you barely know, maybe met a few times. Telling somene to 'chill' is very condescending. It puts the person who is saying it on a higher moral ground and thus puts down the other person who is supposedly 'losing it' and hence needs to be told to 'chill'.

One should have enough common sense to think it over before one goes aroud calling everyone 'babe' and telling people who are upset to "chill la babe".

*restraining myself from saying further things that might get my blog banned .... aaarghhh"

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