Sunday, July 05, 2009

My Catty Obsession

I came across an announcement on Tongue In Chic that Hello Kitty is going online and I was like ... "huh, wow, really???" so naturally I went to check it out lah.... and lo and behold, it's an online community! You can have your own email, blog, videos, forums, games, etc.

Go to the South East Asia Sanriotown site (screenshot below) at this link.

Watch the trailer below, it's a whole new virtual world, kinda like Second Life but a whole lot more "cute" ...

This traler explains everything about the theme ' Massively multiplayer online role-playing game' (commonly abbreviated MMORPG)

The online game is currently not quite ready, check here. They are currently in beta testing, but once ready, the game allows players to create and customize characters, then use them to battle monsters, socialize with one another, mine for ore, do domestic chores like farming or cooking, and participate in quests. So while waiting, go check out the Game Centre.

This is my current favorite game and it's bloody addictive:

Kitty Blocks: my latest obsession. Stand aside Neopets!

This truly brings back all the girly childhood memories of the Sanrio gang ... didn't we all at one point or other have at least ONE Sanrio thingy in our lives??? Hey, as for me I still have these Kitty things; Hello Kitty original bath towel, Hello Kitty fork and spoon set (bought at Daiso haha), Hello Kitty face towel (Daiso too), MAC Hello Kitty Lipstick, Eye Shadow, Makeup Pouch :)

Well, eventhough most of us have outgrown the stoic, flat faced Kitty, but I'm waiting eagerly to jump into SanrioTown to for a second childhood!

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