Sunday, August 09, 2009

A Poetic Moment

We seldom have fights with our girlfriends, especially when you're in your thirties! The last time I had a major fight with a girlfriend was probably back in high school! Alas, recently, I had a major fight with one of my babes, that was probably over a month back. It was the kind of situation where you start raising your voices till the point someone screams, then someone cries, or maybe we started crying together, it's all a blur after that, and then it ends with hugs, love, forgiveness and more tears. Real drama la. The stuff that "gem of life" are made of (popular Hong Kong drama series rife with emo fights and tears)

As with most quarrels, it always turn out to be a turning point. For me, I felt that this gave us a chance to finally be really open to each other and understand each other better. It was a turning point for our friendship. Anyway, I've never believed in keeping it all in; kills you silently in the end. The drama may be uncomfortable, but sometimes necessary.

We made up nicely after our fight, and I was so touched that she wrote me a poem right after that, so with her permission, I will publish it here.

I am sorry for screaming earlier.
I am sorry too for my past action.
had you feel left out,
it should not have happen.
my walls to you are broken.

I had to reply in like fashion too ...

I won't hate u if u scream
it's better than silence
I'll take u for ice cream
as a pledge of my allegiance

We have yet to have that ice cream, but I think our friendship will survive the odds.

This post is a humble tribute and a small gift to this special friend. If and when you read this, may I just add a few more words I would probably find difficult to say in person .... I have not always been the perfect friend, I would have wounded you in many ways with my insensitivity, but know that you're special and I want to be there for you. I may not know how, I won't truly understand what you're going through, and I will never be able to be the comfort that you long for, but I will be your friend, I will listen if you want to scream, I will shut up if you wanna cry and I will hold you if you're weak. Babe, if all that fails to give you the slightest comfort, know that you're in my prayers, and there is a Greater Friend that knows our hearts' sorrow and cares for us beyond our imagination, I know cos He's been there there for me in my deepest darkest nights, and I know He will comfort you if you want Him to.

Meanwhile, let's do that ice cream kay? *hugs*

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