Thursday, September 10, 2009

Welcome to My Farm!

Yet again I have been rather distant and quiet .... wanna know why? I've been busy farming. Boy I gotta tell you, farming is seriously hard work. The slightest lapse in time management and good planning and your crops die on you, and you waste precious time and money.

This is how my farm look like ..... seriously, no, it's not a real farm *duh*, it's Farm Town, an online multi-player game on Facebook. Gotcha.

Here's a close up of my little house .... I spent forever saving up enough Farm Coins to get this. Sadly the real estate scene there is rather limited, wish they had more designs to select from.

And here we have my motley crew of barnyard animals .... cute but completely useless. You can't gain anything from having these little buggers in your farm, except maybe the occasional bleats and neighs may liven things up abit. Well, at least you don't have to feed them.

I'm so proud of my farm I can just stare and marvel at it for hours!

I might post another entry on how this actually work, but meanwhile I gotta get back to my little farm. My chili peppers need harvesting!


Paris B / Pink Parisian said...

*giggles* My BIL is into this and got my sis to help him while he was away. First time I saw it in action and i was so bengang! Thank goodness I'm so kuno Facebook is not on my radar...yet hehe...

Shortcake said...

Hi Paris! Hey this is really addictive stuff, I even managed to get a few of my colleagues hooked on it! You should try it, hehehhhh :)

beetrice said...

cannot cannot!! sure there'll be no work done (apart from the 'farming') for the rest of the day!

Shortcake said...

I'm on a mission to convert everyone I meet into "farmers" .... try it Bee ... T.R.Y I.T B.E.E ....(in hypnotic cryptic voice)