Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Christmas Wishlist

As we approach the glorious 25th December, I've been thinkin', if hypothetically I'm given a miraculous opportunity to have 25 wishes fulfilled, what would I ask for? So here you go; my wish list, in no particular order of importance except for #25 which supersedes everything.

  1. I wish all the cats and dogs at PAWS and SPCA will be adopted into loving homes.
  2. I wish patience is a button that can be turned on with a flick of a switch.
  3. I wish, just for one day, a mere 24 hours, we will have a white Christmas in Malaysia.
  4. I wish for a Berry to complement the Apple; fruits are good for health!
  5. I wish eventually we can all charge our phone batteries just by mere contact with body heat so won’t have to carry / borrow chargers all over the place.
  6. I wish the worldwide association of electrical appliances (if there is such a thing!) abolishes all production of 2-pin plugs and standardize all to 3-pin plugs.
  7. I wish Asian girls will begin to realize that colored contact lenses are a disaster of epic proportions.
  8. I wish shopping malls stop hiring skinny, slouchy, badly dressed Santa Clauses with costumes recycled so many times they look utterly pathetic.
  9. I wish JPJ will implement an ‘idiocy test’ in addition to the undang and practical test so we have less idiots on the road.
  10. I wish my brother’s slipped disk will heal up miraculously so he can jump around like a monkey again.
  11. I wish we can find a permanent cure for High Blood Pressure so my dear hubby can eat all the bakuteh in the world.
  12. I wish all my friends would subscribe to the benefits of Twitter, it simplifies my communication efforts to just one window.
  13. I wish they won't abolish the visa-free policy for Malaysians going to the UK, no thanks to the inglorious overstayers.
  14. I wish air travel wasn’t so expensive so we can all be world citizens!
  15. I wish for all my single girlfriends to find true love.
  16. I wish for all my married friends to stay happily married and have great sex for the rest of their lives.
  17. I wish for a super high undefeatable indefatigable metabolic rate!
  18. I wish phone operators at various Call Centres (banks, TM, government, whatever!) speak better proper English. We are so embarrassing it’s almost painful.
  19. I wish we can buy Victoria’s Secret in Malaysia, the shipping charges from US are exorbitant! *wail*
  20. I wish some inconsiderate colleagues will develop the courtesy to clean up after themselves in the pantry instead of leaving coffee / sugar / creamer spills all over the pantry top.
  21. I wish Malaysians will stop littering; especially the misadjusted fools who throw trash out of their car windows.
  22. I wish for political transparency and integrity. Nuff said.
  23. I wish KLPAC will stage more unabridged Shakespeare plays; maybe set up a Shakespearean Society and let us have season passes!
  24. I wish we will discover a synthetic way to manufacture a cheaper, greener and everlasting substitute to organic fossil fuel; which means less pollution, cheaper air travel and no more wars.
  25. I wish for every man, woman and child to believe in God.

And no, I won't be greedy and make #25 a wish for more wishes. That would take the creativity and fun out of it all. What's your Christmas wish? :)


Mrs Top Monkey said...

I say "Amen" to your following wishes:
No. 9: We nearly ran into an idiotic driver last week near Pudu. I was furious but luckily Connor was safe in his car seat.
No. 10: My sympathies to your bro on his slipped disk. Having suffered my share of back pain, I know what it's like.
No. 13: TOO RIGHT!
No. 15: Me too.
No. 16: Thank you... esp the great sex bit! ;)
No. 20: At least you're rid of the "colleague" who takes bites out of stuff and puts it back in the communal plate!

My Christmas wish was for a better world and a better future for all the children of the world. It comes from living in Indonesia where I see so many children have so little and I wonder why life has been so unfair as to gift my little boy with so much in comparison.

Shortcake said...

Hi Mrs TM! LOL at #20!!! I almost forgot about that :) The world abounds with Pantry Pricks. LOL!

Have a splendid 2010!!! :)

HobbiT said...

your brother has a slipped disc??????? and paul has HBP????? i need to pray so much harder for your family.

love 15 & 16.
amen to no. 25. ;)

i know it's really belated. but oh well. shld stop by more often.


Shortcake said...

Hey fellow little hobbit ... thanks for dropping by; muax muax! It's ok even you're 5 months late on the Christmas post! LOL! Brother's slipped disc is somewhat better already but he has to take precaution perpetually. Lova ya!