Thursday, March 11, 2010

Superstitions & Creepy Stories

When we first found out I was expecting, we didn't blast the news to the whole world, we waited almost a month before we even told the parents. I wanted to be super certain as I didn't want them to start fussing too soon. It was the hardest secret to keep in my entire life!

Once the news was out, it's really interesting how people react to your news. It's my first pregnancy by the way and I've very little experience in this arena as most of my close girl friends are not mothers yet. Since half the responses I've gotten are quite entertaining or brow-raising, I've grouped them here ...

The Strangely Superstitious
  1. Don't watch Avatar or your baby will turn blue.
  2. Don't take soy sauce or your baby will be dark/tan. I love soy sauce, too bad!
  3. Don't look at monkeys (real, pictures, movies) or your baby will have ape-like features. So if you happen to work in a zoo, you're so doomed! LOL! Same principle applies on alien movies by the way.
  4. Someone told me the baby can recognise you better if you stare at the mirror and talk to the baby as he/she sees through your eyes. Now that to me is just bizarre!
The Single Ladies
  1. I've a friend who relayed a detailed account of how her other friend had a tragic miscarriage, in graphic detail! Really, do I need to hear that? That story actually bothered me for days! I had to pray quite a bit to clear my head.
  2. Some start lamenting about how all their girl friends are dropping of the world of movies, music and margaritas and are holed up at home with diapers, breast pumps and bibs and how they are slowly losing their social circle. Sigh, while that's true and that's life, do you really think you'll succeed in making a pregnant woman feel guilty about her unborn child? No kidding.
The Creepy Colleagues
  1. One colleague told a story about how a baby came to have a hole-in-heart situation because the father was drilling and assembling the baby cot while the mother was pregnant. Even though logic and common sense tells me this is crap, that story stayed in my head for a while too. Sigh.
  2. Another colleague (who has no kids) keeps drilling me about everything I eat. She sees me eat something, she'll ask me if it's a craving. She questions the portions I eat as well. I don't really have cravings and portions really depends on how hungry I am. While I know people are generally kind and concerned, I really don't enjoy answering to every eating habit I have or explain why I eat or not eat certain things.
  3. Some actually tell me "wow you're starting to show hor?" or "perut sudah nampak la" every other week they bump into me. Yes, that's kind of like the whole idea, the belly grows when you're pregnant with a baby. Kapish? I guess people are trying to be polite, I'm such a skeptical cynic ! LOL!
The Mommy Club
  1. The young Mommies are the best; they are the most sensitive, genuine and sincere of the lot. Maybe it's because they see a kindred spirit in all moms-to-be or they're probably thinking "Welcome to the world of diapers, stretchmarks and sleepless nights! Muahahaha!"
  2. Either way I love talking with mommies, especially the recent new moms, they are bursting with valuable, relevant, real life advise and they totally understand how you feel.
  3. But they really confuse me when it comes to the Pro-epidural vs Anti-epidural. Haha. Anyway I've yet to decide on this .... hmmm.

The Questionables - Right or Wong, who knows?
  1. Some say don't paint your nails, some say it's dead cells so it's ok, anyway I just renewed my nail salon package and since I'm incapable of cutting my own toe nails anyway, my nail salon is here to stay.
  2. Soya bean milk makes fair babies. While soya beans are generally healthy and rich in protein, I just don't care for the taste of it. I tried though.
  3. Caffeine makes babies hyper? I know mothers who abstained from all coffee, tea and cola during pregnancy yet their kid appears to be bouncier than a magic jelly bean. So who knows for sure.

I do take heed on anything that is scientifically proven though, especially with certain types of food, medication and chemicals. Bottom line is, if it's scientifically proven or raises reasonable doubt with the medical community, it's valid.

All in all, the past 2 months has been pretty fun and I'm just about immune to all the strange remarks and comments. I guess most people are just concerned and trying to be helpful and make conversations, so I'll graciously overlook any insensitivity. After all, hubby and I are just so thrilled to be blessed with this little growing bud, nothing can ruin our joy. Ultimately, we have to trust God and listen to the gynae :)


beetrice said...

one to add to the list of questionables - dyeing your hair:a friend claims she dyed her hair while pregnant with her first kid and that kid's got light hair, didn't with the second one who's got really dark hair.. ;)

i'd say take everything with a pinch of salt and tell the ones you don't like to stuff it (as long as it ain't the doc's advice!) other than that, just enjoy the journey..*hugz*

Shortcake said...

Yeah, about dyeing hair, my doc says NO in bold as the chemical can seep through your scalp. A hairdresser friend also confirms this. Not so much that it will affect the baby's hair color but more on chemical-safety issues.

It's an interesting crazy journey actually haha, thanks Bea!

Mrs Top Monkey said...

Wait till your bump shows very clearly. You'll get weird people touching your bump all the time without asking. I find that weird because you normally wouldn't go around touching people's bellies right?
I drank soya milk religiously when I was pregnant because I knew if baby was dark (a no-no for my mum, she already screwed up once with me), it would be MY fault entirely since it's quite obvious Daddy doesn't carry the dark skin genes.
Don't sweat it out on the Pro/Anti-epidural brigade. You just do what's best for YOU and your baby when the time comes. I was pro... because I very cannot tahan pain wan... teehee.

HobbiT said...

HAHAHA! sorry, marina
i touched your bump w/o asking! =p

when we gonna meet up, huh?
shld do dinner with u guys sometime.

Shortcake said...

HobbiT ... it's supposed to be an anonymous blog but u just gave me away LOL! :O U can touch my bump, u special la since I saw you at that size before, and every bits of you too! LOL!