Thursday, June 10, 2010

Entering the Third Trimester

They say the last three months of pregnancy are the most trying among the total nine months. I am now in week 28, and I'm mighty glad and super thankful that God has brought us safely and well so far. We have 12 weeks to go before we welcome the new member of our little family. Anyway this is not gonna be another baby-bore post about the glorious spice and all things nice, in fact, I'm gonna go into the aches and pains of pregnancy for a change. Just for the sake of perspective, and so you would appreciate your mother more! Haha.

For starters, I've been getting leg cramps and muscle spasm since a week back. The aches and cramps comes every time I shift a position; from sitting to standing, from left angle to right. Can't quite seem to find a comfortable angle. The aches range from dull cramps to sharp pains anywhere from the hips downwards. The muscle spasms happens in the middle of the night, always on either calves and it hurts like HELL and I wake up yelping in pain. Sometimes, poor hubs wakes up and tries to massage my poor calves too.

Then the insomnia is starting. I'm tired all the time and I fall asleep readily, only to wake up a couple of hours later to visit the loo .... and then .... I'm wide awake as an owl in the dead of night. Here's where I will myself back to sleep because heaven knows I need to wake up for work the very next day. Sometimes I stay awake regardless and it frustrates me. But when I feel my baby's little kicks and flutters, I'm deeply comforted, knowing he is well and awake to keep me company. I can imagine that sleep will be more difficult in the coming weeks as baby grows bigger.

Running Late
So you can imagine, many a times I'm a little late for work or I'll take the first half off when it gets too bad. Often I just have to suck it in and bear a tiring grouchy day shadowed by insomnia and various cramps. Thankfully my colleagues and bosses are very compassionate and they tolerate this, very much unlike my previous hole, nevertheless I don't intend to take this for granted. Still need to work and earn my keep.

If you have existing allergies they get amplified during pregnancy. So I've to work a little harder to keep my sinuses and asthma under control and sometimes they flare up badly anyway, and you can't have the regular killer drugs to sort them out pronto so it's a discomfort that I've to bear along with the rest up that list.

Water Retention
Then there's the unsightly water retention; it's making me look like a puffer fish. Firstly I can't even wear my wedding band and Tiff&Co bracelet anymore, and some days I'm like; "hello ankles where are YOU???" I'm actually down to ONE pair of shoes that are comfortable through the day. Some of the new flats I bought are sent into hibernation with the rest of my heels.

So there you go, these are some of the discomforts of carrying a baby. But all in all, I'm thankful that for every ache and groan I have, I know it could be worse. I'm also thankful that I have supportive people around me who loves me and tells me how wonderfully radiant I look despite looking like a frumpy humpty dumpty with a very limited wardrobe. All I truly ask for is that baby is healthy and comfortable inside and develop well till full term. So despite my whining, I'm willing to go through all this for his sake. So come what may :)

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