Thursday, June 17, 2010

Office Oddities

I wish to entertain everyone with what happened this morning. It’s funny to me because if the exact same scenario happened in my old place I would have reacted quite differently, or rather more colorfully. Here I’ve been trying my utmost to be a decent human being with a more mellowed and limited range of reactions.

M being me and B being Miss Blur. Begin with the context that I'm not particular crazy about B to begin with. Simply because, not only is she not the brightest star in the sky, despite being quite 'seasoned' in her work, she has an amazing capability of committing any possible typo, grammatical, mathematical exel error you can possibly imagine.
  • M: *sits down at cubicle after discussion with boss in room*
  • B: M, X called just now and she says she will be half an hour late
  • M: X who? Late fro what?
  • B: alahhhh, X from XYZ la, which X pulak *chuckles like I'm a retard*
  • M: huh? I don’t have an appointment with her, are u sure? She called u? Just now? Do we have a meeting?
  • B: yes she called me and she ask me to tell u she will be late, I don't know what meeting you have with her.
  • M: huh that’s really weird, I really don't have any appointment with her …. *frantically flips through diary and check sms on phone, starts to panic*
  • B: yes la really she just called *sounds insistent and exasperated*
  • M: *phones X’s mobile* hey hi, M here did you call B and say you’ll be late for some meeting? What meeting are we having ya?
         ***** SILENCE******
  • M: Oh you didn’t call? *glares at B* Oh, sorry, must be miscomm then.Sorry, bye.
  • B: Oohh takde ke? Alamak, sorry sorry hehehe. I’m so kelam kabut with my work *laughs and giggles*
  • M: *eyes open wide wide* so actually who was it who called for me if it’s not X?
  • B: I cannot remember.


Turns out there is another person by the name of X who indeed called B to tell B she will be late in meeting B. This X does not know me and vice versa.

Gosh. People do leave their brains at home sometimes.

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