Friday, June 04, 2010

The Savage Valley of Losers Galore

I have learnt that the best international blue chip organizations does not necessarily hire talents that reflect their stature. And vice versa, a locally established organization does not have the least of talents. And that divine knowledge which has taken me painful years to conclude has driven many sane souls to the abyss of insanity and madness.

So if you ever encounter such losers and feel yourself about to lose it and unleash venomous sarcasm and plot vicious vengeful attacks, as I often envision myself doing, why not take a deep breath and count to 10? Not enough? Then come recite this silly prayer with me, which is already mean in itself but it holds me back from doing something I will truly regret. Who knows it may work for you too :)

"Oh Lord, grant me supernatural patience & grace when faced with the exceptionally tactless, crude, crass, callow and dim-witted imbeciles in my path. Yea, though I walk thru the savage valley of losers galore, let me not falter but stand tall. Amen!"

By this age, I know myself that I'm not the gentle, long-suffering, gracious, patient kinda person and like it or not, I'm just wired that way. But in order to be a more amicable person and mature towards being a good mother to my unborn child and probably more to come, I have decided to take a lighter view of things, and though I'm still learning, I'll find ways to manage my super short-fused anger.
Only God can help, and I guess a little humor won't hurt either. As for now, I really don't want to be a pissy moody mother lest the child of my womb gets the bad vibes! Heaven knows it's not easy given the roles I have to play!

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