Thursday, February 24, 2011

Makan Time!

I've started experimenting solid food with Lucas when he was four-months plus, that's almost a month back. I started out with the basic rice cereal just to test if he's got the ability to take in a tiny spoonful and swallow and if his digestive system is mature enough for this.

After several weeks of experimenting, we conclude that Lucas tolerates rice cereal and he seems to prefer Ninolac over Nestle Cerelac brand. I personally think Ninolac taste and smell better (yeah I tried it myself!) and it's also smoother, but unfortunately it comes in a box and not a convenient can like Cerelac. On the flip side, Cerelac requires you to add in a bit of milk (formula) so it's one extra step and somehow I find it harder to mix and blend .

Ninolac taste better (sweeter) versus Cerelac (weird smell, no taste).

We've tried feeding him some apple and banana puree (organic, store bought) but he makes a yuckky face like it's way too sour or something. So I ended up downing the whole thing myself. Tastes abit like the applesauce that accompanies the roasted suckling pig at Leonardo's .. yummms.

To our surprise he likes VEGETABLES, given that most children don't. He finished the first jar of garden vegetables puree and now we're onto a second jar of veg; peas (yucks) and zucchini (yums). Guess what? He loves it! I really hope this means I won't eventually need to coerce and bribe him to finish his veg when he's much older.

Lucas likes the BabyNat Organic veg (left, available at Village Grocer's organic section) but caution; somehow the puree causes some stains so I will think twice before I get it again. I think he likes the Heinz Peas and Zucchini (right) more anyway. Anyway I plan to try and test a few more brands, I'm just so darn curious!

It's so tempting to just feed him the veg as he laps it up more willingly than the rice cereal, plus it's much easier to clean the vegetables versus sticky rice cereal, but it doesn't sound like a balanced diet, which is a lofty thought anyway since theoretically, he's getting enough nutrition from the breastmilk. Anyway today I experimented with a rice + veg combo. He finished them all! I'll monitor how his digestive system takes it.  

Rice and veg combo today!

Once he starts consuming a substantial amount of puree seriously, I will consider making the puree myself or if I turn out to be too lazy, I guess I'll be ordering homemade puree from Baby Ambrosia, they seem to know what they are doing but their prices looks a bit on the high side.

Here is a snapshot of a very reluctant diner during the earlier days his solid food ordeal. He's more receptive now but still can behave unpredictably; sometimes he just refuse food point blank and just wants to nurse.

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