Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Bitter Cup That Healeth Much

Enough about all the woes and misery of being ciggie-deprived .... I want to focus on the positive now ... life is actually much better without being a slave to cigarrettes ... let's see, here are reasons why life is actually much better now ...
  • I feel fresher and healthier!
  • No more tight-chesty-phlegmy feeling in the morning ... phew!
  • Not having to worry that my clothes and hair stink
  • Not having to steal an extra 5 mins after lunch or after a meeting to catch a puff
  • Save moolah $$$ on ciggies and lighters ... and I keep losing lighters!
  • Food taste better - improved sense of smell I guess
  • I actually do use my inhaler alot less!
I still have a slight runny nose and remnants of the nicotine withdrawal symptoms here and there ... but it's all getting better ... I am certain of that!

Ok, truth is I still have not gotten over the cravings ... sigh ... but it's getting more manageable now and I do not feel so 'snappish' anymore.

All I know is this, when it comes to smoking ... don't ever start! The quitting is such a pain. Quitting is a bitter cup indeed ... but the healing will come.

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