Friday, March 28, 2008

Day 6: May I Steal a Puff ... please?

Imagine that you have not eaten proper meals for days; all you had were soggy vegetables or plain white bread. Then, you walk into a place where you smell KFC and watch people tearing into steaming hot, fresh and crispy drumsticks .... (yeap, the fried chicken with the incredibly invasive aroma). How does it feel? Go ahead, close your eyes and imagine.

That is how I feel.

That is the deprivation, despair and misery I experience every time they light up, inhale and exhale glorious looking (lethal but glorious) smoke .... *sigh*

You know the quote: The Spirit is Willing but the Flesh is Weak...? Well, I am blessed because I discovered that when the Spirit AND Flesh is weak, my friends are strong!

This is how it goes ... me is watching and drooling and J is happily puffing away...

Me: Can I have a stick, please?
J: No.

Me: Ok, then can I have one puff? Just one puff?

J: No!

Me: It looks so good, sigh.

Later with J and E ....

Me: Can I have one puff, please? Just one tiny puff?
J: No!

E: No! Don't ruin it!

Me: Sigh.

Later with hubby ....

Me: Can I have one stick? Or one puff?
Hubby : No baby.

Me: Pretty please ...

Hubby : No.

Me: Sigh.

Thank you people for being strong for me.

Am I proud of me for being smoke-free for 6 days now...? Yes and no. Yes as I wasn't sure if I could have done it. All glory to God. And no because I had really, really weak moments. Seriously.

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