Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Reward!

A girl needs an excuse once in a while to buy herself something nice and extravagant! So I decided to color me pretty despite looking sallow and down from withdrawal symptoms and depression of all sorts. Presenting my latest indulgence ... The latest Bobbi Brown Nude Lip & Eye Palette!

It's my first Bobbi product, I've always liked the brand but somehow always end up in Shu or MAC instead. I've heard that Bobbi is known for nudes, browns and naturals.... and indeed they are! I am so delighted with this I've been using it 2 days in a row...

There are 4 lipstick shades; all creamy and smooth (no frost, I cannot stand frosty lipsticks!):
  • Brownie Pink
  • Cocoa
  • Beige
  • Bare
So far I love all the shades, the texture is okay for me, less drying than MAC but MAC has a more delightful scent. Nothing at all unpleasant but this lippie scent will take some getting used to.

There are 4 naturally lovely eye shadow shades:
  • Bare (matte) - good as a highlight or base
  • Naked (matte) - good as a highlight or base
  • Nude (shimmer wash) - good as a highlight
  • Buff (shimmer wash) - good as an accent shade, my favorite shade so far!
Due to the pale and nude shades, you need to wear foundation or an eye base before application otherwise you will feel as if there's nothing there! But I like nudes and pales, so it works for me!

I also lurve the luxe and shiny looking black compact! Feels so glam just looking at it!

If you think about the colors you are getting and the wonderful shadow brush and lip brush inside, the $$$ is really worth it! Only RM210 for this palette. Imagine, an individual lipstick or shadow might be around RM70 or so. So if you bought 8 x RM70 that would be RM560! Even if the actual gram-size is perhaps only half, you still pay less! Oh and that's not not even taking into consideration the 2 wonderfully useful brushes! Haha, see how I rationalise why I shop??? :)

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