Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Japanese Dinner @ Shun

There is a small cosy place we go for Japanese food on weekdays when it's too much hassle to drive out of Subang. Now I must confess Subang is not really THE place for great food, ok, except maybe bakuteh and Farmland steamboat.

Shun Japanese is located directly opposite the new wing of SJMC (Subang Mediacl Centre), along the same row as Windmill & Shakey's Pizza.

Shun is frequented by Japanese (alot of Japanese living within The Wangsa Baiduri area) and some expats plus regular Subang folks. I'm sure they open for lunch but we normally do dinner here.

What we had tonight at Shun:

Shun Bento (signature set with EVERYTHING in it) RM42++
Waghyu Beef Steak Set (I seldom see this on most Japanese menus) RM40++
Butter Enoki Mushroom (not on the menu, you have to request for it)

Shun Bento

Waghyu Steak

Butter Enoki

They have an extensive menu especially if you are feeling rich and adventurous, then go with ala carte and sample everything you like. If you are a small eater and want to play it safe, the the sets are pretty decent. The dinner sets comes with a good portion of light tangy salad (I still prefer the creamy type at Spring Hatsuhana @ BSC, still our #1 fav Jap food spot) and mini-sized chawanmushi. They do not serve chawanmushis at Spring with their bento sets, but you can order separately.

Service at Shun is always good and attentive. Pricing is about the usual; quite standard like most good Jap restaurants. If you happen to be in Subang at night and crave some authentic Japanese fare, you can check Shun out.

What are the other Japanese restaurants in Subang?
  • Ryu Men Tai - Good price, serves pork but I don't like the run down interior and shabby feel. Location; SS15, also opposite SJMC, but across the main road.
  • Rakuzen - same row as Ryu Men Tei, quite new and with quite impressive ID overall.
  • Tomoe - This is apparently brand new, we just saw it, same row as Ryu Men Tei, but at the corner, yet to try.
  • Kinpachi - I no longer go here unless I have to to as the place really STINKS up your clothes and hair, must be due to poor ventilation. The menu is quite miserable, in my opinion. Kinpachi is at Wisma DiCorp, SS 17.

All the Jap restaurants at Taipan and USJ area somehow does not intrigue me enough to even bother. Don't know why though.

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