Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day Three: Depression & Fallen Sick

I feel and look like an addict on severe withdrawal.

Puffy, sleepy, pale.

Runny leaky nose.


Lack of sleep plus bouts of anxiety / panic attacks maketh one unfit for work. So today I dragged myself to the docs, mainly to get my hands on Xanax and Clarinase for my runny nose, alas, he only gave me 3, of each. I still remember these Xanax (a class of psychoactive drug considered minor tranquilizers) works like a dream. Makes you really stony and at ease. I had those during the toughest parts of my wedding planning. I guess they work like Prozac, anti-depressant, but milder. I wouldn't know really, I haven't tried Prozac and fortunately have yet to be diagnosed with clinical depression. But since Wikipedia claims Xanax to be a drug that is prescribed for Anxiety Disorders, so does that by causality means I have an Anxiety Disorder? How interesting. This just makes me more complicated than I already am.

You're probably thinking, man, might as well just pick up the damn ciggie and be rid of all these psycho mambo-jumbo. No. This psycho mambo-jumbo is temporal. Picking up and lighting a ciggie now after this level of success is defeat. I will let the depression and discomfort ride. Like a wave. It will eventually stop.

Anyway after seeing the doc I decided to make myself happy with something sweet and sinful ... see below pic .... heh heh heh ...

And my dear hubby is sweet enough to rush back from work just to take me out for a nice Japanese dinner. Muaks my hubby.

Time to pop a pill and go to sleep.

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