Monday, March 24, 2008

Pigs in Blankets? Find it at The George and Dragon

Hubby and I decided to be adventurous and check out this newly opened bar in BSC ... none other than The George and Dragon. We were actually seduced and suckered by the phrase "Pigs In Blankets" on their bunting and so like pigs to the slaughter, we strutted into the dim dingy little bar which reminds me of "The Three Broomsticks" of Harry Potter.

Below here are the Pigs In Blanket (pork cocktails wrapped with bacon). They cost RM15++ and are very yummy, except that the bacon could be fatter and thicker and juicier.

This is what I ordered (below), the Bangers and Mash, RM18++. Bangers were salty, juicy, succulent and good. Can't decide if this or J&R are better. But I would order it again. Mash were authentic and not too heavy. Love the sauce.

Below here are the menus:

They serve all sorts of sandwiches, ploughman's and pies as well, shepherd's pie, steak and kidney pies, chic and mushroom etc. There is a wide array of booze and wine to choose from.

Hubby says the Happy Hour Guinness Draft here is cheaper than Champ's anytime. Happy Hours all night on Sundays. Certain hours on other days.

When I tried to google George & The Dragon, I found out 3 interesting things ....
  1. there is a cafe in JB called George & Dragon Cafe (similar concept but different owners)
  2. this is a legend originating from Libya
  3. it's also an old movie starring Patrick Swayze!
But for me and hubby, George & Dragon will always mean Pigs In Blankets.

The only thing missing here is Butterbeer!


Mrs Top Monkey said...

I just want to say I really enjoy all your food blogs. They make me sooooooooooooo hungry especially since you blog about food I like to eat too. Oh man.. this is so hard, cannot.. resist... the food.... aaaaaaaargh...

Shortcake said...

heheehee ... there will be more to come ... and since I can't smoke after meals anymore, looks like I will be taking pictures... haha :P