Monday, April 14, 2008

Breakfast at Tiffany's?

Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

Almost. Lunch at Carat Club!

Seriously? Seriously.

I’ve seen this so-called dining concept at Pavilion during one of my window shopping sessions and I can’t help feeling intimidated and awed by the incredibly posh and opulent façade and décor of the Carat Club restaurant, or aptly called the The C.Club. (C for cuisine perhaps?)

I had a chance to savor the delectable offerings of C.Club and I was blown away!

The service was impeccable, faultless. The cuisine was to die for and nothing beats having a meal amidst bright shining twinkling objects.

The menu was extensive and surprisingly inexpensive for its class. Here’s a highly privileged sneak preview into some parts of the menu of C.Club … so if you want to wine and dine your girlfriends, mother-in-law, client etc, you can actually budget for it in advance thanks to Shortcake! Bow seven times to my site. Muahahaha :)

Scallop Foie Gras - Pan seared scallop sandwiched with foie gras on pickled pumpkin and onion marmalade: RM 38
Pan Seared Foie Gras - With teriyaki marinated slipper lobster and spicy mango salsa: RM 42

Mushroom Chantilly - Cream of forest mushroom with truffle chantilly RM18
Shellfish Bisque - Cognac flavored shellfish bisque with seafood: RM22
(I love this! Fishy and salty, taste and smells like the open ocean! If you like seafood, go for this!)

Caesar Salad - With pesto marinated slipper lobster, pine nuts, bacon and parmesan chips: RM25
Baby Spinach Salad - Served with sautéed mushrooms, feta cheese, garlic croutons and anchovies emulsion: RM18
Mesculin Salad - Served with asparagus, orange and carrot with a drizzle of orange oil: RM18 (Vegetarian)

Selection of onion rye, sour dough or 9-grain bread. All sandwiches are served with potato wedges or Mesculin salad
Pita Bread Mediterranean Lamb - Mediterranean lamb with mint yoghurt and tomatoes in pita bread: RM24
Smoked Salmon Sandwich - Smoked salmon and dill egg mayo with butter lettuce and plum tomato: RM22
C. Club Sandwich - Sautéed bacon, fried egg and cheddar cheese with thinly sliced raw onions and tomatoes: RM28

Slipper Lobster Spaghetti - With coriander and prawn oil: RM35
Fettuccini “Puttanesca” - Served with smoked salmon and capers: RM30

Earl Grey Citrus Duck Breast - Earl grey and citrus marinated duck breast on braised savoy cabbage: RM42
(I tried this, the flavoring was good, rich yet subtly enhanced by the Earl Grey tea, what a creative combination.The meat was a little tough for me but I loved the savoy cabbage, the combination was refreshing on the palate. Picture below)
Aged Tenderloin - Grilled aged tenderloin with wasabi and sea urchin butter, served with wakame, broccolini and tempura shimeji mushrooms: RM59
(wonderful, I have never seen steak done this way; classy with a familiar fusion touch, picture below)
Cod Fillet - Pan roasted cod fillet with fettuccine, poached asparagus, mushrooms and coriander miso hollandaise: RM56

Lavender Crème Brulee RM15 (I had this and I highly recommend it! Especially for crème Brulee fans)
Tiramisu with Raspberry & Almond Praline RM20

Earl Grey Citrus Duck Breast & Aged Tenderloin

Pan Seared Foie Gras & Lavender Crème Brulee

As for beverage, they boast a long selection of wines; from French to South African, and the good old Australian. If you have something to celebrate, C.Club carries mainly Perrier Jouet champagne, the Grand Brut starts at RM380 per bottle, right up to the most premium Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque Rose 99 at RM2,390 per bottle. Yikes. (Here’s where I will say, skip the champagne and buy me a new bracelet instead! Or earrings, or whatever!)

I love the MOON Terrace (pic below), I can imagine this is a really nice place to chill out from sunset onwards. They actually have the Ghost chairs here too! *double brownie points* (see below pic)

The Moon Terrace

Well, pictures speaks louder than words … and nothing beats experiencing the real thing for yourself … so go on, make a date with C.Club. And no, you don’t have to buy diamonds to dine there! While you’re at it, may I suggest a little black shift dress and a string of pearls ala Audrey Hepburn? Er ... but can skip the gloves la.

To contact C.Club:

Lot 5.11 & 6.11, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Boutique: 2141 8260
Restaurant: 2141 3160
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

(Also available for parties, events and launches)

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