Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Shortcake in Singapore

Shortcake was in Singapore (for work, bleahhh) and see what she picked up .... new Johnson & Johnson Naturally White Daily UV Body Lotion and Daily Exfoliating Wash! Yay! Priced at S$6.90 and S$3.50 and not available in Malaysia yet! Cool! The new packaging is so pretty, in fact they completely revamped the whole Johnson & Johnson range in Singapore, new scent and new packaging. I am a sucker for pretty packaging so naturally I succumbed!

I like the lotion, quite milky and smooth, perfect for day, not too sticky or oily. There is a faint 'sunscreen' kind of smell (like Coppertone, but much lighter) but it's manageable for me. I'm not too crazy about the Body Wash, it's thick, rich and milky with fine exfoliating beads. I'm not a big fan of grainy body washes, unless it's a scrub, and that's not for everyday use.

Johnson & Johnson Naturally White Body Lotion and Daily Exfoliating Wash

I had the luxury of staying on the 55th floor of the Swissotel at The Stamford and it was such a magnificent view. Here are some views at night and at dawn, taken with my phone cam, so naturally it's rather blur ...

The view at night from the 55th Floor Swissotel The Stamford

The view at dawn from the 55th Floor Swissotel The Stamford

The Room On 55th Floor Swissotel The Stamford

Good night Shortcake .... zzzzzz ....

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beetrice said...

oh that brings back memories...hehe...I had one of my best hotel stays at the Swissotel... :)

To me, J&J will always be what a baby SHOULD smell like...mmm...