Saturday, April 12, 2008

Shortcake Update

Shortcake is now ....
  1. Officially smoke-free for 3 weeks! (hooray! Praise God!)
  2. No longer in depression; for now.
  3. Still pseudo-aneroxic (what's new)
  4. Lighter by 1 kg (but just had a full fledged dinner with hubby, sigh)
  5. Still swamped with work; planning big launches with minimal resources and even more miserable timeline.
  6. Just booked her honeymoon trip! (Yay! Can't wait!)
  7. Just booked her new set of wheels ... vroom vroom ... lil' nismo beauty this way comes ...
  8. Looking forward to her hubby's big birthday weekend getaway!
  9. Looking forward to the play with Golliwog next week :)
  10. Looking forward to get the keys to the new crib ...
What a crazy first quarter for 2008.

May God give Shortcake strength to manage the rest of the crazy year. Amen.


Mrs Top Monkey said...

Wow, Shortcake... your first quarter sounds damn happening ok! So what's your LE for this year? Hehe.

Shortcake said...

haha ... it's too happening, driving me abit crazy actually ... as u can see ... unstable already ... haha. but God has been GOOD!

errr ... wat's "LE" babe? ^_^