Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pitter Patter of Little Feet This Way Comes!

This entry is dedicated to Mrs Top Monkey aka Expat Wife whom have just announced the big happy news that she is preggers! Congrats babe! The world is anticipating the lil' newbie LFC team member, heh heh.

I asked her today if she has thought of baby names, and her reply is that it should have the initial LFC i.e. Liverpool Football Club. As an honor to the request of this mum-to-be, I have done research and came up with a variety of options ... heh heh heh .... no worries babe, even if you do not take up any of the names, our kids can still play together, and yes you may try to convert my (future) kid to become an LFC fan :P

I will leave "L" alone as that can stay as the surname ... here goes ...

LFC Boy Names:
  1. L, Felix Claudius
  2. L, Ferguson Caleb
  3. L, Frederick Calvin
  4. L, Fabian Chester
  5. L, Francis Christopher
  6. L, Fernando Carlos
LFC Girl Names:
  1. L, Felicity Carla
  2. L, Fay Camelia
  3. L, Fiona Cate
  4. L, Fleur Callista
  5. L, Faith Colleen
  6. L, Francesca Corinne
  7. L, Freya Cordelia
As you can see I am totally having fun with this ... making names up all over the place .... hehehe ... and it's much easier to find Girl Names than Boy names ... :) Speaking of baby names I already have a shortlisted list for mine; and I am still in the process of convincing my husband that the names I selected are really human names for real people and not obscure ancient Latin or Sanskrit words! *sigh*

So, I hope this entertains Mrs Top Monkey and bring many giggles and chuckles to baby LFC as well :)

Look what I found on the LFC online store .... LFC baby toy! OMG sooooo adorable! Looks like I need to start collecting these for baby LFC! *giggle*


Mrs Top Monkey said...

Teehee! Thanks, Shortcake!!! I like Fernando Carlos and Freya Cordelia best. Fiona Cate also damn syiok.

The club website has its own collection of babywear and baby toys, I'm so looking fwd to buying some for our little one!

Shortcake said...

teehee ... i thot 'Fernando' will definitely tickle your fancy :)