Tuesday, April 08, 2008

World's Best Bakuteh!

Ba-ku-teh: Originated from Klang, Malaysia and now savored all across the country, all the way from Singapore to Sandakan. I would describe this method as the most perfect way to prepare pork ribs and intestines *slurpsss*

Check out this picture .... doesn't it make you drool ... hehe ... this is taken at Chuan Chiew, our favorite bakuteh place. Chuan Chiew is located in Subang Jaya, SS14, it's along this row of old shoplots facing SS15 (Maybank, McDonalds, Metropolitan college etc) and they are separated by the massive highway and flyover. Opens for lunch and dinner. Nothing much to say about the ambiance but the girls there are very friendly and helpful :)

Anyhow, I am off food now ... *sniff*sniff* so I can only blog about them ... *wail*

Now, what makes a good bakuteh? The way I like it ....

  1. Fragrant, thick and rich soup
  2. Variety of meat cuts, especially the ribs and the cartilage bits
  3. There must be enough intestines and stomachs which are cooked just nice, not too soft, soggy or too tough (this is a skill, I have tasted some sad teruk usus!)
  4. There must be golden mushrooms, lots!
  5. I can live without the char-kuey and tou-pok but i know most people can't, so they should have that too or my bakuteh pals will be whining.
  6. Loads of garlic, chili padi, dark and light soya sauce at the side
I've been to many good 'Klang' and 'Hokkien' bakuteh but Chuan Chiew is still the best for me, tastes perfect, is near home and easy to park! :)

They also have the dried version; with dried chillies and dried cuttlefish and okras. Equally delightful but really potent, salty and spicy if you can take that! Another must-try dish here is the stewed braised pork trotters .... but beware of calorie and cholesterol overload!

Ok la, maybe it's not the world's best bakuteh, I have yet to see if the whole world has adopted this wonderfully heavenly culinary style of preparing pork stuff, but I'll be one devastated woman if Chuan Chiew is someday gone ... so let's all flock to Chuan Chiew and keep up the spirit; in the name of PORK.


Mrs Top Monkey said...

Oh man.. you make me sooooooooooo hungry for BKT!!! I love this dish, hubby can't stand it. I said to him, "You're very weird. I've never met anyone who doesn't like BKT."

May have to go hunt for some this weekend.. yum, yum!!!

Shortcake said...

I have met someone who did not like bakuteh, my ex-boyfriend did not like bakuteh much, did not like pork in general ... i was pork-deprived fr a long time! :P

i dun blame your Dear Hubby ... culture shock mah!

ys said...

Who wouldn't like BKT. Rich, thick herbal soup but as for me 'char-koay', 'oil rice' plus some garlic n red chillies to go wit is a must. I'm not a fan of usus :-p

A woman I came to know really shock-a-shocks me when she told me she doesn't like BKT which i find it weird for me cos she claims that she loves most of other herbal soup like chic ginseng, pat kei or 'Dong Quai'. Dong Quai? Hello?? I think the dong Quai smell or taste is very much stronger or heaty comparing to BKT. That's why I find this (un)believable u r right shortcake 'Culture Shock' unless something must have happen to this woman when she first came to try BKT many yrs ago. Sad.... :-D

Shortcake said...

thanks YS for visiting :) yups, agree that dong quai has a really stronger scent than BKT anytime! I think we should all boycott people who does not like BKT! Gwailos and non-Chinese forgiven la :P haha