Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Absence, the Meaning of "Crib" and Renovations

A thousand apologies. Ampun seribu ampun.

Shortcake has been really bad for being out of the scene for so long, almost a month now! Bad bad, deserve a good hard spanking.

Well, the disappearance of Shortcake is mainly due to the fussing over the new crib, plus work, and fussing over the new crib, more work, more fussing over the new crib and a short weekend getaway to a nearby cool highland holiday spot. And back to fussing over the new crib.

Crib, by the way means "house" and it somehow surprised me that when i used the word "crib" on another site of mine, people started to congratulate me for being pregnant! Sigh. Crib incidentally is a slang for home or house. Maybe 'crib' is still not that popular in this part of the world. I shall refrain from being slang-ish from here onwards. Sigh.

So what have we been doing about the home....? Renovations has started and it's such a strange mix of agony, excitement and anticipation seeing the house being hacked and drilled and messed up. This illustrates that in order for anything to be beautiful the way it is intended to be, there must be a somewhat intrusive and painful remodeling and transformation process. Like the house. Like our lives. Such truth.

So anyway, there was a good does of furniture and appliances shopping every weekend in addition to the renovation inspection. Here is an interesting piece of furniture we found at Jalan University, PJ. I call it the Zebra Rocker! I wanted it at first sight... I knew it would be perfect for watching my Ugly Betty series. Hubby wasn't sure until the guy from the furniture shop said it's perfect for PS2! Hubby was sold! Now we probably have to draw lots if we wanna have it!

Hail the amazing Zebra Rocker! Quite kinky I must say :P

Another housey thing we enjoyed shopping for was wallpaper. See below damask-baroque design wallpaper from Goodrich we selected for one of our feature walls! Drool-worthy. Thank God our order arrived in time. We were told they might take 3 to 4 weeks. Thankfully they made it here in slightly over 2 weeks!

Wallpaper, Goodrich.

Well, here are some phone-cam pix of the house in it's "transformation" process. I do plan to record the weekly progress of the renovation of our first little love nest. These pics are from week 2.

Here's the brand new oven with which Shortcake will churn out fruitcakes and cupcakes of sorts.

Here's the plaster ceiling in process of being mounted.

What a mess!

The kitchen walls being hacked and stripped naked!

The extensive and complex wiring for hubby's mounted TV and sound system.

More housey updates to come ... :)

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