Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Brisingr! Let the Flames Ignite!

Hold on to your dragons!!! Finally, after years of waiting, MPH announces that book 3 of the Inheritance Trilogy by Christopher Paolini is finally here!

Arrival date: 30th September 2008.
Hardcover list price: RM89
Pre-book online to save RM10 from 23rd May to 31st July 2008 only.

For the mortals among us who has never step a foot into Alagaesia, here's the low down; Christopher Paolini, born in 1983, wrote the first book Eragon when he was just 20! I believe the book was initially meant to appeal to teens and fans of the fantasy segment, but it has gained a huge following, especially for the new generation fans of Tolkien who needs a younger, more rebellious and feisty protagonist in Eragon. The trilogy is more than a fantasy story, it's an incredible epic saga, a heart wrenching account of a young village boy who discovers a secret identity and experience pain, loss, anger, vengeance and love, all together at the same time. But, like most fantasy books, it's only as good as your imagination. Keen to enter the world of Eragon? I would seriously advise that you read the first 2 books before Brisingr.

OK, I know everyone knows Eragon the movie, which is a disaster by the way *cringe* and I am sorry to say I wish they did not even attempt to turn it into a movie. Speaking of which, let's not even get started on how Prince Caspian the movie totally mutilated and destroyed Prince Caspian the book. I'll need a whole new post on that topic *sigh*

Let's get our claws on Brisingr fast....

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