Sunday, May 04, 2008

Pet Penguin?

We adopted a Penguin. Seriously.

I have never really bothered much about home-y stuff, but now that we are about to build our little love nest, we are actively sourcing for home-y stuff. So we went to HOMEDEC 2008 at KL Convention Centre last Thursday ... and lookie here .... we picked up an adorable Penguin, new pet for new home! *aaawwww*

What is it? What does the Penguin do?

It's a water filter! *hahaha* A pretty one as far as water filters go. I say, since you are gonna have this huge block of a thingy in the way at the sink area, it might as well be pretty to look at! Right?

Anyway, it's not just all pretty, here are what they say about the fella, see below ... the lil' fella can do helluva lot for a Penguin :P

Diagram taken from:

Want a cute lil' penguin too??? Happyfeet love comes at a price of RM2688, including installation. (minus RM500 HOMEDEC discount! Yay!)


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