Monday, October 27, 2008

My name is Bean, Soya Bean.

I've never been a big fan of soya bean and all variations of soya-derived goods (read; tau-foo or beancurd), there is one exception though and that is the soya sauce, which I cannot live without, which is a completely different story and absolutely unrelated here.

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Anyway, it was a fine Saturday afternnon, I was killing time and feeling peckish at Singapore's Changi Airport, T1 (dying to go home after a work trip). I chanced upon this cute 'humanised' kidney shaped bean thingy smiling at me .... see picture below .... gee wheez this thing had a name too: Mr Bean! Intrigued, I checked out the menu board ... and gosh, everything they had was made from soya beans! Hence the moniker Mr Bean! (wow genius)

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The first item that caught my eye were the pancakes, which looks like round-mini-fluffier versions of the "apam balik" that you can get the pasar malam. They had a variety of 'fillings', ranging from red bean to kaya to peanut and even the more 'westernised' variety; chocolate and cheese. Yet undecided, I made an instant mental note; "I'll do the peanut pancake if I end up buying anything here"

The kiosk at Terminal 1.

Then I saw the must-try thing: soya bean ice cream! Gosh, call me jakun or whatever, but I've never heard of nor seen and definitely not tasted soya bean ice cream. I rarely ever order anything soya-related, not even tau-foo, but this is one thing I have to try. And it tasted exactly like, yeah, you guessed it, soya bean! Just colder, creamier, lighter and surprisingly not too sweet. I felt super healthy on the spot. Well, I had the pancake too and it was a pretty good combination.

My soya ice cream in a cup. Yummy and refreshing.

These people at Mr Bean are really creative, they managed to create various kinds of snacks and drinks from the simple humble soya bean. Talk about taking soya to a new level of sophistication. Anyway the menu list is long I'll only mention those I care to try if I ever bump into them in Singapore again; Ginger Beancurd (ginger tau-foo-fa), Soya Biscuits and Honeydew Soya Milk. Check out their cute webpage:

If we had Mr Bean here in KL / PJ, maybe, just maybe I'll start falling for soya bean in a whole new way.

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beetrice said...

oh this is too cute!! haha..brilliant timing - I'll be in Spore this weekend.. :D

tina manurung said...

i was just blogwalking when i 'found' this post..

hmm.. i also wasn't a big fan of soya bean and any other food/drink which made from it, actually.

but i change my mind when i drink my first Mr Bean's soya 'bubble' milk (or whatever it name was)! love it; and love every food & drink i've taste there. yummy..!!!

if only they were here in my city. huff..

Shortcake said...

yes, haha ... i think it's the cute "Mr Bean" icon that got to us!

voraciousbookworm said...

Great post! I love the Mr. Bean mascot. It's both clever and cute. I haven't eaten the Mr. Bean soy ice-cream since I visited Singapore in the summer - how I miss it!