Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Birthday Surprise

Yippeeee... it's November again .... it's the time for endless parties and lotsa pressies, you know all my friends just love to remind me ... and reiterate ... and repeat ... and nag ... and drive the point home about how old I am becoming *sigh*

And this year among one of the earliest b'day gift is from fellow blogger babe Beatrice .... I'm so touched by her thoughtfulness I just have to tell the world. Look at what she gave me ... a merry package of Stila sweetness ...

The "magazine" cover palette consist of a blusher and 3 eye shadow colors, all very sweet and natural and totally oh-so-wearable. Looking at this makes me feel young ... young-er *sigh*

The Stila It Gloss (Inviting) is peachy-orangy, but sheer enough for everyday use ... it will actually go pretty well with an orangy blouse I have. Beatrice did a great review on these stuff here.

The It Gloss adds to my modest but hopefully growing collection of glossies ... a girl just gotta have glossies and these are among my favorites ...

Ah my beloved glossies .... how shall I rate thee?

  1. The super-est glossiest shiniest is the Stila Lip Glaze in Apricot (twisty pen), third from left, great for no-makeup days and smells fruitilicious.
  2. Chanel Aqualumiere(#66) wins hands down as the most-worthy-of-public-display, plus the really natural shade can't go wrong any day.
  3. The Revlon glosses are highly pigmented; great on its own with a sexy shine. I have Nude Peach and Glossy Rose.
  4. Stage Wondergloss in Penelope is my current fav; expert brush tip in a natural shade plus a yummy scent.
  5. And now I have a new Stila ... in a shade I don't have ... coolie doolie!

Do I need more glossies .... honestly NO because I end up buying the same kinda shades anyway, and no one can tell the diff between one to another when I am wearing either of the above... but should I get an itchy-gloss attack, and I will, I am, after all a girl who needs her glossies... I think I'll go for these below .... so pretty ... pweeeeetty ... *licking lips*

Wish List for Glossies ....

So for those who wanna come and remind me how OLD I am becoming, you got the wish list ... now all you need is a ribbon ... hehe ;)

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beetrice said...

you're most welcome ma dear... :) glad you liked it!

age is just a number after all!! *grins* (oh shite, i'm getting laugh lines)