Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Twist On French Toast

Sometimes I really crack my head thinking up new and creative breakfast and brunch ideas for dear hubby over the weekends. Recently I got a hint from a colleague who loved the french toast served at some event held a hotel in KL, they used cheese in between the bread. I tried to recreate what I heard, er, without actually having tried it at all. In addition to cheese, I made do with some left over ham in the freezer.

French toast fans, here are what you need:
  1. Bread (I used Gardenia's Break-thru here but I will use white next time around)
  2. Ham (I like salty sandwich ham and Bangsar Village Grocer has the best, Euro Deli works for me too)
  3. Cheese (Basic Kraft slices will do)
  4. Eggs (I think I worked with about 3 eggs)
  5. Milk (half a cup or adjust accordingly, full cream please, low fat is boooooring)
  6. Brown Sugar (about a teaspoon or so, just adjust)
  7. Salt
  8. Oil (I use PAM Cooking Spray so it's alot less oily, avoid butter as it browns too quickly in the pan)
  9. A good non-stick pan (I am a big big fan of Tefal)

How to:
  1. Mix eggs, milk, sugar and a pinch of salt in a semi-shallow bowl.
  2. Butter each slice of bread and sandwich the ham and cheese in between. Make some variety, some ham+cheese, some ham and cheese on its own so you know what you'll love best. I think peanut butter would be a good idea too :P
  3. Slice the sandwiches anyhow you like.
  4. Dip the ready sliced sandwiches in the egg mixture, coat all sides, soak longer if you like it 'mushy' and wet.
  5. Then simply fry them gently in a flat non-stick pan coated with a thin layer of PAM. Slow to medium fire.
  6. Make sure you do not break up the sandwiches, they can be quite fragile, so avoid turning too often.
  7. Serve with coffee and juice. I guess sliced peaches on the side would be a nice touch too. Yummers.

Voila, breakfast, or brunch!

Dear hubby's verdict? He wiped the plate clean :)

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Cmate said...

I'll wipe the plate clean too!