Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shortcake: the new TV star!

Shortcake would like to introduce two new friends and a new ride ... presenting the first Shortcake pilot video clip.

Shortcake - the krazy koala in the lead
Mozzie - the new addition from 'ozzie', a gift from a friend
Mumbles - new 'souvenir' from S'pore Night safari

Direction, script and vocals by Shortcake's dear hubby. Shot with my phone, so don't complain about the quality *haha*

I don't think the audio is very clear here, you may want to disable the iPod thingy for a second there.

This, dear reader, is how hubby entertains me when he feels like it. We actually shot this a few months back by 'accident', just for kicks. Imagine the terror on his face when I told him I am posting this video on the blog! He is now pressured to come up with more. Poor baby.


Mrs Top Monkey said...

Adoi.. I never realised you had this iPod thingy on your webpage and was wondering WHY wooloomooloo was singing Kau Ilhamku.. LMAO


Shortcake said...

heeheeheehee ... the krazy koala is talented :)