Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Filipino Food @ Cagayan's Bandar Utama

Cagayan's: Tender Ribs & Favorite Filipino Cuisine

Wonder if anyone ever noticed the small inconspicuous Filipino eatery tucked away in an obscure corner in Cenrepoint Bandar Utama? It's right behind Starbucks. This place has been here for quite some time apparently, but somehow we never noticed it much until lately. Hubby and Shortcake have been there twice, once alone and once with a group. Our second time was superb as we managed to try more things on their menu.

After 2 visits, here are our favorites:
  • Pork Adobo - saw Bobby Chinn do this and I'm dying to try it at home too!
  • Piggy Pork Ribs - tender and yummy
  • Pinakbet aka Mixed Fried Veggie - very interesting
  • Bottomless Green Tea - good deal @ only RM2.90!
Other popular dishes we're dying to try next:
  • Enoki Bacon
  • Pancit Noodles
  • Lamb Stew
  • Roti Babi
Here are some pictures to make you salivate *drool* .....

Cagayan is pretty good with the authentic Filipino stuff, we did not quite fancy the Fish & Chips though; our friends ordered it for the children, well, they had no complains. We won't attempt the Bangus (fish) again as there were just waaaaaaay too many bones, but the taste is interesting if you're a big fish fan and won't mind the bones!

They also have 'economical' options for lunch and tea on weekdays, see below snapshots of their bunting taken over a week ago, I'm sure the deals are still on:

Curry Pork Ribs sounds good, no??? *licklips*

I'd love to try out more Filipino cuisine, sadly, I don't think they are all that popular in Malaysia. Would anyone know of anymore Filipino restaurants in KL/PJ, care to share? Preferably got babi lahhhh.

Visit this link for complete menu and prices on Cagayan's.

Getting to Cagayan:
G107-108 Centrepoint, Jalan Leboh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama 47800, Selangor, Malaysia
(near Kolej Bandar Utama and the McD Drive Thru)
Open : 11.30am-10pm

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