Sunday, July 26, 2009

Busy Saturday

Once in a while we have those days that makes us feel thoroughly alive and useful. Today I had such a day.

I woke up early, had my coffee, went through my mails, updated my twitter status, then proceeded to do a batch of laundry in the machine, followed by another batch of laundry by hand. It's really annoying I keep buying clothes that needs to be handwashed! *groan*

Next, I decided to sweep the floor. After that I started to prepare lunch .... chop chop slice slice and made my experimental pork adobo, steamed brocoli and rice.

It's time to wake hubby up for lunch, so I dragged him out of bed, made his tea and served us our Saturday lunch. After that we washed up all the dishes, hubby proceeded to coma in front of the telly and I washed my bathroom, scrubbed it sparkling clean *beam with pride*

Then, we changed the bedsheets together and chilled out in front of the telly. Had a good laugh at an old funny movie and whoooops it's time for hubby to drop me at Bangsar for my facial.

Two hours later, hubby picked me up for dinner, he even agreed to let me have my favorite steamboat *yay*

I ended the day with a long hot shower, removed my nail color, and decided to pen this little entry before I tuck in with my book and thank God for a blessed productive day.

There you go, a glimpse into a day in my weekend! Good night!

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