Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Run Baby Run

I'm finally doing it.

Exercising .... *pant*pant*

I went for my run today, and yesterday, and I really have to try and keep this up. I've been saying I need to keep fit for MONTHS. And I did, well, I went running once every couple of months. What a chore ...

I'm starting again ... hope and pray I'll be more consistent now. I need to make a habit out of this since I can't stand going to a crowded sweaty gym full of men ogling your butt. I don't know why I just grew out of it, I've been gym-ing for YEARS, like 5 years or so and one day I just decided I can't do it anymore, and then I took a looooong break in couch potato land and became anti-gym-social.

So now I've got to make the best of my quiet cosy little condo compound.

Hubby says "I'm so proud of you" ... translates to ...

(a) "yeah she's gonna loose weight!"
(b) "yeah she's gonna stop complaining she looks fat in the pictures I take"
(c) "yeah, no more asking 'do I look fat in this?' when shopping"
(d) "yeah, I'm so proud of her"
(e) all the above

Which is the right answer??? Haha, I don't care, hubby has got to love me even though I am berisi! For richer for poorer, in sickness and health, in size 1 or size 5!

Actually I am proud of me too! * heheh*

Well, it's good for me; need to build some stamina, feel better and of course look better in photos too! Wish me luck!

Run baby run!


Mrs Top Monkey said...

*clap, clap, clap* Go, go Gadget Shortcake!

Shortcake said...

heyyy ... thanks Mrs TM :) I ran again yesterday :):):)