Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday Tea With My Girls

Girlfriends are really special, especially those that you grew up with. Once every couple of months, we make it a point to drop everything in our busy hectic schedules and catch up over food and goss.

Yesterday we tried out a cosy little place called Bijou, the neighbourhood brasserie of the Mont Kiara vicinity . This place has been around since late 2006 but somehow I've never had a reason to try them out. I like the cute unpretentious ambiance (kinda like Ikea in white and pink) and they are not particularly over-crowded. Since it was tea and not a major meal, we only managed to try out some tapas and desserts.

Here are the pretty food shots to make you salivate .....

Nothing quenches the afternoon heat like a tall glass of icy Homemade Ginger Beer.

The Apricot Slice: I will be back for this! Juicy fragrant cake with bits of dried apricot and sweet tangy cream sandwiched between the two layers ... heavenly and sinful at the same time!

They are apparently famous for cupcakes but alas, when we were there, all that's left was "The Morning After" which is actually coffee cupcake. Pretty okay but I wished they had more options *sulk*

The Fish Fingers were fabulous, we loved the herb tartar sauce. We ordered seconds!

Spicy Buffalo Drummets (wings) tasted great, the right balance of piquant spiciness. We ordered seconds too.

This is the small nondescript entrance just outside Damai Sari Condominiums.

This is the door that leads to the alfresco area facing the pool, wonderful on a nice breezy afternoon.

There is even a little playground to keep the little ones entertained.

We ate so much, I had no room for dinner after that ... but you wanna know what was the best part of the tea outing? Girlfriends! But of course!

Getting there; if you know how to get to Coffee Bean Mont Kiara, you would find your way with this map with no sweat at all. Or call them at 03 - 6201 2131. Oh, and Bijou means jewel in French.


beetrice said...

*drools*...the food looks delicious, and the apricot slice...dammit, now my lunch looks pathetic! :(

Shortcake said...

The apricot slice was truly divine, but BIG, good for sharing :P

Paris B / Pink Parisian said...

Heard but not been. Now I wanna go for the fish fingers!!!!