Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Support Local Artists!

I stumbled upon some sites which led to visit the Pipit Wonderful Market which I've never heard of previously. Strange name, what on earth is 'pipit'? Burung pipit ke? This was at Berjaya Times Square a few Saturdays back, on 4th July. What enticed me to make my way through the crazy traffic there was actually the local art and craft designers; I came across a few of them at Urbanscapes last month ... inquisitive me wanted MORE ...

So what did we see here? The pic below shows how it looks like overall, like a market indeed, the artists were selling their wares on the floor on a mat. So kesian you know, at least have a table la. But I suppose they were going for an authentic concept of sorts. Truth be told I was slightly dissapointed as I expected more 'stalls' and more designers / artists. But it was cool I guess, totally more enlightening and interesting than your average window shopping.

I snapped up a few goodies, I just had to, I visited most of their blogs prior to the market and I was seriously impressed at how creative they are. The effort and thought they put into their creations and their blogs are highly commendable. A strange sensation of patriotism overtook me by surprise. Malaysia Boleh!
So anyway.... these are what I got .... ta-daaaa!

Let's start with hand-made jewelry ... these trinkets were the first things that caught my eye, I got the dovey-dangly earrings for my sis-in-law and I got me some kupu-kupu to adorn me pretty ears. Gorgeous butterflies with pearls, and unbelievably affordable. For something hand-made and unique, it's a precious find. Want some of these? Check out

Then hubby got all excited as he saw something apparently ... anyway the poor soul kindly drove me there and kept me company.

Hubby: baby baby, I saw a sniper t-shirt damn happening ...
Shortcake: What sniper t-shirt? (silent thought: err ... sniper and t-shirt should not be in the same sentence)
Hubby: come come, see the sniper t-shirt ... (he drags me by the hand to another stall)

So this was what he wanted:

And this is how much hubby loves the Sniper tee ... See what I told you, snipper t shirt! No kidding. RM50 for a work of art, not too bad. Anyway, Sniper tee is by the geniuses from .

Next, I pun jeles la and decide to buy a tee for me too .... they say the best way to appreciate art is to wear it, no? Snippers and guns are alas not my cuppa. But I am a sucker for cute and I found cute ....

This tee is by Wonderkitten and the strange comic characters skewed to the right of the shirt actually tells a story of them 'leaving' the tee for a newer one. Bizarre brilliance.

You would imagine that a local independent online designer shirt may not be so happening ... you would be happy to be wrong, the quality was great and it even came with a nice pouch. Even the size label was pretty premium looking. The only exception was that the sizes were pretty strange, I wear an MNG / Esprit SMALL but I wear a Wonderkitten LARGE, so if you want to order a Wonderkitten online, take note of this. Oh I just love the round 'blob' which is the silhoutte of the cat which is actually the logo. To bad no tee in that design. I would love to have Wonderkitten makeup pouch, key chains, phone pouch .... that would be cute!

Next stop, more interesting art one can wear ... these hand-made felt trinkets are by Uri-Craft.

The multi-colored 4-discs thingy is actually a brooch. I don't know how to wear it yet, nothing I have now seems to go with it, but it's so lurvely I'm just happy starring at it!

Lastly I bought me a beautiful powder blue lace and fabric dove necklace ... from a designer who goes by the name of Miss Ireen. Again, I really don't know how to wear this yet but it's just soooo pweetttty I can't help myself.

So there you have it, my haul at Pipit, and I am really pleased I went for it. I am also very proud of fellow Malaysians who are so creative and enterprising. Shortcake applaud all efforts to promote and support independent local designers and artists.


The 우리 Ladies said...

Hi there, nice to know you are the one who always supporting independent artist and crafters :)

Thanks so much for sharing and enjoying our craft work! Many blessings!

wonderkitten said...

Hi Shortcake,

Thank you so much for blogging about Wonderkitten t-shirt. I am happy to read a review about the quality and what you think about it. :)

If you are interested in getting another Wonderkitten product, I would happy to give you BIG discount as Advertisement fee. hehehehehe.

Shortcake said...

Uri Ladies - thanks for visiting! Keep up the good work!

Wonderkitten - thanks for visiting! Make more kitty stuff ... pouches, tank tops, bags etc! I'm looking forward to your new collection!