Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vintage Cars for Beauty?

I was at Bangsar Village this morning and I came across this .... a vintage car dressed up for the sun!

It appears to be a marketing gimmic by Lancome, promoting their UV Expert skincare. They had promoter girls going around passing out samples on the street in return for database. The car was part of the entourage.

I was asking my hubby what make of car this was and he was like "Oh man I really suck in the vintage car department" So here you go, I really have no idea what manner of car this is. But it's a really cute concept. Vintage cars signifies a cult passion and a touch of eccentric class ... representative of the brand personality perhaps? I guess they are also probably trying to say you'll be safe from the sun even in a top-down convertible, UV expert = sun block! Clever clever hoh? *applause*

I bet they paid the owner alot of money to sticker up his precious vintage car like this!

If you're curious what Lancome is launching, check out So Loverly, they have a Lancome contest thingy going on as well.

Will you let brands sticker up your car for money? What kind of brands would you allow to pimp up your car? Or what kind of brands / products would you NOT want on your car? I know some guys will gladly let Durex have a go with theirs!

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