Sunday, July 19, 2009

What Happened to the Cat?

Somebody asked what became of the cat we rescued last December. I think it's only fair to Momo that we update a little about her since she made an appearance on Shortcaketales.
We gave Momo away to a cat-lovin cousin about 3 months after we got her. We discovered we can't cope with Momo much, with both of us working late and the little condo lacks room to romp around in, it's not exactly the best environment for a growing kitten. Plus, she meows alot during the day, which probably led to the 'official notices' on walls in the elevators stating that "residence are forbidden to have domestic animals in the condos bla bla bla" They did not contact us directly, I guess they were being discreet so we'll eventually get the hint. We did. We are, after all, law abiding, considerate residences. Sigh. So goodbye Momo. It's a cruel place for cute helpless creatures.

Anyway, here are some pics of Momo, see how she has grown:

Momo resting on her favorite rocking chair.

"I'm going to the loo, can't you leave me alone for a minute???"

"What does a cat need to do to get some privacy around here huh? Go away or I'll scratch your eyeballs out .... grrrrr"

Once in a while we miss Momo, especially her cute manja face and the adorable meows she makes ... and her stony look when she just woke up .. and her grateful eyes when you feeed her our stroke her. However, it's also really nice to come home late after work and NOT have to clean kitty litter and clean up various other mess.

Honestly, after this experience, I realise one thing, I'm really still a dog lover at heart. I do love cats, but I always look forward to going home to mom's place so I can get crazy with Cuddles, the crazy Jack Russel Chihuahua bitch.

Hubby says, well at least we have experienced both CAT and DOG. Wonderful animals created by a God who knows that deep down we're all fuzzy furry creatures.


beetrice said...

hehe...glad to know what happened to Momo...I think you're quite mad enough without additional pets though...teeheehee... :D

Shortcake said...

yeah ... it's true I have more than enough on my hands ... but it's really nice to have a lil furry friend around ... guess the koala will do for now *hehehe*