Saturday, October 10, 2009

Currently Reading: Mitch Albom's Latest

I made a online pre-booking almost two months back for this. In fact I ordered it because of the author Mitch Albom, without giving much thought to the title. I believe all book lovers know and most likely read Tuesdays With Morrie and The Five People You Meet In Heaven, well even if you have never read the books, you might have caught the film interpretation on Hallmark some years back.
Yup, so anyway, Mitch Albom is now in the position where I will buy his books without thinking twice or looking at the synopsis. When I actually received the actual package in the office, I was a tad surprised at the title. Faith. Wow, faith is an issue I have personally, clandestinely, ashamedly struggled with on many many levels which are too deep to expound here. I might probably get into that another time.

The cover: inspired an old prayer book.

The first paragraph from the first page.

Readers, this book is not about any religion in particular, although note that the author and his muse here are Jewish, so there are many Jewish based references, which I find very interesting. It's really warm, fuzzy, easy reading and nothing deeply, overly theological, but true accounts on mankind's struggle with live and faith in general. It has deep and poignant moments, but I think anyone of any faith can benefit from this well-written book. So far I'm finding great insights from it and enjoying every bit of it.

Happy weekend to all.


Alice Teh said...

Enjoy the book!

Shortcake said...

Thanks Alice, I'm almost done with it ... i'm actually getting interesting insights and asnwers on some profound thoughts i've been grappling with. luv it luv it luv it!