Friday, April 30, 2010

It's a Boy!

It's a BOY! And above all; he is healthy and whole and beautifully formed; Praise the Lord!

Baby's timeline is now at 22 weeks, EDD is 30th August.

Technology is so amazing today it's totally incomprehensible. I bet this will awe and baffle my mum's generation. Here we have a 4D scan pic of Baby Boy (below). I have no idea what a 4D scan is but it's amazing and the Sonographer even managed to save it in short video clips in a DVD for me!

This is an ultrasound of his ... ahemmm ... proof of gender (!) ... see where the tiny white arrow is pointing!

Here is the short video clip of a combined Ultrasound and 4D scan:

See how he is actively moving his little baby fists over his tiny face? Daddy says he is just like mummy; rubbing face and nose and possible even biting fingers ... tsk tsk ... inheriting mummy's strange habits already??? LOL!

It's the most amazing feeling ever, to feel and see your little baby move inside your body and marvel at all the little little developments. I am thankful and honored that the good Lord above has given us such a precious opportunity to bring a precious new life into the world. It's our own little miracle from heaven.


Mrs Top Monkey said...

I completely agree with you - you can't help but marvel at the little miracle growing inside you. I felt exactly the same way in 2008.
I think it's called 4D scan because it's in 3D with the added dimension of time. Not because once you see the baby and get EDD, you rush out and buy 4D. ;)
Ooh.. a Merdeka baby perhaps? Can't wait to meet you, little boy. You stay safe and healthy inside mummy and don't kick her too hard!

Cmate said...

Totally cool!

Shortcake said...

Thanks for dropping by!

LOL on buying 4D number!

beetrice said...

that's awesome hey! gotta meet up with you before the lil bundle arrives leh... :D

Shortcake said...

Hey Bea! Thanks heehee, ya ya let's catch up one day for nom noms, too bad no more tomyum yeemee for us! LOL! :)