Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Daydreaming About You

I should be working but I'm not
I'm daydreaming, thinking of you
Concentrating on the slightest flutter
Of little fists and feet going pitter patter

I should be planning my strategies
But I wonder if you've got enough booties
And why don't they sell more matching caps?
I can't bear you looking mismatched

I should start on that proposal
But I keep seeing you swaddled
In that new green monkey blanket
Will it keep you safe and warm?

My presentation is hanging
I'm so lost for words except
All the names I'm thinking up for you
Everything is jumbled, even this doesn't rhyme!

I should totally not be doing this right now
But I really don't know how
All I do is daydream of you
Of what you're doing and what you will do....

Now let mummy get back to work so she can earn money to buy you more goodies and stuff that match.


Cmate said...

Well written, babe!

Shortcake said...

Thank you Cmate! :)

Mrs Top Monkey said...

That is so sweet. The mismatcehd bit made me LOL, thinking of a certain incident in Sydney where you opted to freeze rather than wear gloves that didn't match your outfit.

HobbiT said...

love the italicized comment at the end. =p