Thursday, May 06, 2010

Daddy's Got a New Ride

Daddy's got a new ride! Alas, nope he dint get the dream Italian car he has always wanted; instead it's actually Baby's ride! Lucky fella, not even out in the world yet and he's got his own ride! It's a thing with men and rides; I just bet Daddy will be teaching him how to drive way before he reach legal driving age!
Here we have a stroller with a detachable infant car seat, or also known as a 'Travel System'. We got this over a month back when we had yet discovered baby's gender. We thought turquoise was a rather gender-neutral color; but now it seems just perfect for a boy! Daddy just couldn't resist it, every time we hop into Mothercare etc; strollers and car seats are the first thing Daddy looks at; he toys with them and plays with them almost the same way he checks out cars at an auto fair ... and then one day in a little shop in Gardens Mid Valley; he finally found one that suits his fancy. Tadaa!

As you can see, we allowed the fur kids to take it for a spin first.

The interior looks cute and comfy, and it seems light weight enough for both us to handle. Daddy's still practising opening and closing it with ONE hand! Wonder if lil' bub will like in here? Next mommy's off to get some attachable toys so we can 'pimp the ride'!

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Mrs Top Monkey said...

Travel systems are the best for newborns! We practised the folding stroller bit too but still kelam-kabut the first time, hehe.